Freshly Squeezed In The Slope: The Juice Bar Round-Up

bklyn crepe & juice

While smoothies were the “it” drink of the ’90s, freshly pressed, pulverized, and macerated (you heard us right) juices are quickly becoming today’s current health craze.

What is the difference between a smoothie and a juice? Made in a blender, a smoothie is composed of whole fruits and vegetables blended together to create a thick, filling, and frothy drink that can be consumed as a meal replacement. Juicers, on the other hand, extract the fiber and pulp from the fruit or vegetable and press out the enzyme-rich juice. As a result, one serving of juice requires 3 times the amount of fruits and vegetables, resulting in 3 times the amount of nutrients (as well as a heftier price tag).

Both options offer significant health benefits, so instead of heading to the ice cream truck for a milkshake, why not stop by one of these great Park Slope juice bars for a nutrient-packed treat? Your body will thank you for it.

Brooklyn Crepe & Juice, 274 Flatbush Avenue (Prospect & St. Mark’s), (718) 638-1023, or 169 5th Avenue (Lincoln & Berkeley Place), (718) 622-2849

With two Park Slope locations on Flatbush and 5th Avenue, this healthy café offers a large variety of fresh juices and smoothies, build-your-own or specialty sweet and savory crepes (wheat, vegan and gluten-free), and salads. Friendly and informative baristas craft vitamin-packed cocktails from behind a counter overflowing with colorful fruits and vegetables; you feel healthy before taking your first sip! For serious juice-lovers, Brooklyn Crepe also offers customized cleanses (email for details:
Juice Prices: 12/16/24oz
– Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Juice/Fruit Smoothies: $4.90/$6.70/$8.40
– Specialty Juices/Smoothies: $5.90/$7.70/$9.40
Best Deal: Carrot, Ginger & Kale: $4.90 (12oz, pictured above)
Favorite Juice: Super Green: celery, kale, cucumber, spinach, parsley, apple
Favorite Smoothie: Acai Berry Antioxidant: blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, apple juice, sambazon acai

Pure Bistro

Photo via Facebook

Pure Bistro, 88 5th Avenue (Prospect & St. Mark’s), (718) 622-5314

“Food should be pure,” is the motto at this casual, modern, and affordably priced café. With an extensive menu for all palates, Pure offers organic, hormone, and antibiotic-free grass-fed beef burgers, free-range chicken sandwiches, and nutritious salads, wraps, and soups, as well as a full-service juice and smoothie bar. Flavorful specialty juices and smoothies are pressed or blended with 3 items, or you can create-your-own cocktail with 2 fruits or vegetables for $4.25. Add-ons include fruits or veggies ($.75), ginger ($1), or wheat grass shots ($2.50).
Juice Prices: 16oz
– Fresh Juices: $4.25-$5.50
– Smoothies: $5
– Specialty Smoothies: $6
Best Deal: Any 2 Fruits or Vegetables: $4.25 (16oz)
Favorite Juice: Go Green: honeydew, spinach, kale
Favorite Smoothie: Pure Colada: banana, mango, blueberry, coconut water

healthy nibbles juice

Photo via missheathra

Healthy Nibbles, 305 Flatbush Avenue (Prospect Place), (718) 636-5835

A bright and sunny corner cafe on busy Flatbush Avenue, Healthy Nibbles prides itself on providing healthy, flavorful, and affordable fare to nourish our Brooklyn community. With a generous selection of nutritious salads, wraps, soups, burgers, shakes, and organic smoothies and juices, frequent buyer cards are available for serious juice-addicts; buy 7 juices or smoothies and get the 8th one free. For an extra lift to your day, try a specialty Wheatgrass Elixir with organic fruits and wheatgrass.
Juice Prices: 12/16/24oz
– Organic Veggie & Fruit Juices: $3.50/$4.50/$6
– Fruit Smoothies: $4/$5/$6.99
– Wheatgrass Elixirs: $5.75/$6.75/$8.75
Best Deal: I Am Alive: spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, apple $3.50 (12oz)
Favorite Juice: Immune Booster: carrot, apple, ginger
Favorite Smoothie: The Brooklynite’s Smoothie: strawberry, mango, pineapple

Green Juice Sun In Bloom

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Sun in Bloom, 460 Bergen Street (5th Avenue & St. Mark’s), (718) 622-4303

Sun in Bloom specializes in organic, vegan, raw, gluten-free, and macrobiotic dishes, as well as vibrant and healthful juices and smoothies. As a certified Holistic Health Coach and chef, owner Aimee Follette designs personalized Juice Cleanse programs ($60/day) to support your body in healing and detoxifying. All juices are handcrafted with the Norwalk Hydraulic Press (the Cadillac of juicers) using organic fruits and vegetables, as well as spices and nuts for additional health benefits. Because Aimee’s juices are freshly macerated and bottled daily to buy in convenient plastic biodegradable bottles, patrons choose from Sun in Bloom’s selection rather than creating their own concoctions.
Juice Prices: 8/16oz
– Fresh Custom Juice: $8.50
– Fruit Smoothies: $6.50/$8
Best Deal: Zen Citrus: $4.25
Favorite Juice: Green Lady Dream: green apple, lime, kale, collards, romaine, cucumber, celery, parsley $9.50
Favorite Smoothie: Strawberry Goji Lassi: coconut kefir water, rice mylk, goji berries, strawberries, banana $7.50

go green

Green Kitchen Café “Go Green,” 486 5th Avenue (11th & 12th Street), (718) 499-0005

Half healthy café and juice bar, half classic diner, this shared space offers two full menus with completely different fare, which can be a bit confusing. Head straight to the Go Green juice bar in the front, complete with a healthy menu ranging from organic eggs, pancakes and quesadillas to freshly-made wraps, healthy burgers, sandwiches, and of course, juices! Customers can choose from a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, milks, freshly squeezed juice bases, and honey, as well as wheatgrass shots ($2), vanilla protein ($1.50) and low-fat yogurt ($1) additions. Although Go Green provides the most affordable prices, all of the produce is not organic.
Juice Prices: 16/20/24oz
– Fresh Juices: $5.50/$6.25/$$7
– Smoothies: $4/$4.75/$$5.50
Best Deal: Vanilla Protein Shake: $4
Favorite Juice: Kitchen King: spinach, parsley, celery, carrot, apple
Favorite Smoothie: Maui Mawi: strawberry, banana, soy milk, pineapple juice

pearl gate

Pearl Gate, 482 5th Avenue (11th & 12th Street), (718) 768-9898

A yogurt, smoothie, and juice bar rolled into one, Pearl Gate offers a HUGE assortment of frozen yogurt styles, flavors, toppings, and smoothies and juices—all freshly made to order. Definitely the best bang for your buck, customers can create their own cocktails or choose from Pearl Gate’s specialty menu with the option of added protein shots or nut milks ($1). All smoothies and juices are vegan, low-glycemic, gluten-free, and made with organic produce whenever possible.
Juice Prices: 16/24oz
– Fresh Juices: $4.95-$5.25/16oz, $5.75-$6/24oz
– Classic Smoothies: $4.50/$5.50
– Specialty Smoothies: $6 (24oz)
Best Deal: Carrot Juice: $4.75
Favorite Juice: Pure Energy: carrot, kale, celery, beet, cucumber
Favorite Smoothie: Acai Energy: organic acai, blueberry, banana, pomegranates

v spot

The V Spot, 156 5th Avenue (Degraw & Douglass Street), (718) 928-8878

Latin Vegan Kosher anyone? The only one of it’s kind, V Spot offers super-healthful cuisine in a laid-back and trendy space, complete with loud hip music and a full service juice bar. With fair prices and a tasty and diverse juice menu, customers can choose from one of their signature concoctions or create their own healthy beverage. Reap some extra health benefits for a buck with a boost of spirulina, hemp protein, maca root, or flaxseeds.
Juice Prices: 16oz
– Fresh Juices: $4-$6
– Fruit Smoothies: $5
Best Deal: Pure Carrot: $4
Favorite Juice: Flu Fighter: carrot, celery, beet, spinach, parsley, tomato, red onion, garlic, lemon, ginger, hot pepper (a zinger!)
Favorite Smoothie: Raw Cacao Shake: organic cacao, almond milk, banana, maca root, agave, cinnamon, ice

back to the land

Back to the Land, 142 7th Avenue (Garfield & Carroll Street), (718) 768-5654

A specialty health store, organic grocery, and full-service juice bar in one locale, Back to the Land offers a delicious menu of freshly made-to-order organic juices and smoothies at reasonable prices. After paying at one of their cash registers, patrons can select a base of assorted juices or milks for one of their specialty smoothies or juices. A variety of nutritious energy boosters can be added for a buck, including: aloe vera, bee pollen, cayenne pepper, echinacea, flaxseed oil, ginko, ginseng, and spirulina.
Juice Prices: 12/16oz
– Fresh Juices: $4.50-$6/12oz, $5.50-$7/16oz
– Fruit Smoothies: $7/16oz
Best Deal: Just Carrot: $4.50
Favorite Juice: Mixed Veggie: carrot, bok choy, celery, cucumber, kale, parsley, spinach, beet
Favorite Smoothie: Mango Tango: mango, strawberry, raspberry

stoop juice 3

Stoop Juice, 443 7th Ave (15th & 16th Street), (718) 853-6850

In addition to a wide range of spinach, chard, and other organic veggie infused juices, Stoop Juice has a great selection of fresh fruit smoothies, healthy snacks, and vegan meals at the ready. They even have a section dedicated to the smallest of Slopers that contains Earth’s Best and Happy Tot baby food, Go Go Squeeze Applesauce, and more tasty tot treats. If you’re in a hurry, you can even order online, and pick up your juice on the way to the bus or subway.
Juice Prices: 12/16oz
– Fresh Juices: $4.60-$5.50/12oz, $5.50-$6.40/16oz
– Fruit Smoothies: $6-$7.50/16oz, $7.50-$8/24oz
Best Deal: Organic Orange: $4.60
Favorite Juice: King Kale: kale, cucumbers, parsley, apples
Favorite Smoothie: Peachy Keen: peaches, banana, coconut milk ice cream

Hangover Juice

Photo via Lucky1

Grill’s Delight & Juice Bar, 587 5th Ave (16th Street and Prospect Avenue), (718) 853-6850

What Grill’s Delight lacks in atmosphere, they make up for in reasonably priced (and good) juice and smoothie selections. The menu, which also includes a fabulous breakfast, lunch and dinner spread, has everything from your classic green veggie infused juices to refreshing fruit blends (try the pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry “Pineberry”). Add ginger or garlic to any juice for .50, soy protein for $1.50, or wheat grass for $2. $1 additions for the smoothies include wheat grass, granola, flaxseed, and low fat yogurt.
Juice Prices: 12/16/20oz
– Fresh Juices: $3/12oz, $4/16oz, $5/20oz
— Fruit Smoothies: $3/12oz, $4/16oz, $5/20oz
Best Deal: It’s hard to beat $5 for a 20oz juice.
Favorite Juice: Hangover Juice: apple, lemon, carrot, beet and ginger
Favorite Smoothie: Breakfast Smoothie: banana, yogurt, raspberry & honey


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