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FREE FOOD, CHEAP DRINKS, LIVE MUSIC – Come To Sheepshead Bites’ Seaside Soiree!


Can you believe it took us until now to come up with a cool name for the event, like “Seaside Soiree”? Well, that’s all because we were too busy making sure it was an awesome event with delicious food, spectacular music and one-of-a-kind atmosphere to focus on a name. But now it’s all together. So, to celebrate Sheepshead Bites’ third birthday and the launch of Bensonhurst Bean, we’re throwing our first Seaside Soiree – a waterfront party with free food, cheap drinks and live music!

Remember to come down Saturday night, June 18, anytime between 8:00 p.m. and midnight to party with fellow readers. As we previously mentioned, we’ve got food from Bassett’s Deli and Caterers and Cupcake Kings, and the Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus has generously offered use of their beautiful pier and bar (serving $3 beers!). Pinto Novelty (2118 Avenue X) has thrown in some fun freebies to light up the night.

As for music, we’ve got the Penniless Loafers opening at 8:00 p.m. Penniless Loafers is an eight-piece band playing an hour-long set of ska and indie rock. And, hell, they’ve got horns. Lots and lots of horns! (Actually, I think it’s just two. But how many horns does your band have?) You can listen to some of their music here.

Following them we have Nelson F. & Friends (Ralph F., Mike K., Sparkie, Gary G., Stevie, Freddie F. and Barney). Veterans of the local music scene, they’ll be switching performers in and out for the rest of the evening with a variety of takes on good ol’ rock music. Want to see what I’m talking about when I say a variety? Check out these two songs, performed by Nelson F. & Friends:


Track 1

Once again, the party is Saturday night, June 18, beginning at 8:00 p.m. at the Baron DeKalb Knights of Columbus (3000 Emmons Avenue, at Nostrand). You can see our Facebook event page here.

This is a totally free event, though we are asking for a $5 donation at the door to be used to replenish our freelance writer budget, giving us what we need to provide more original reporting about Sheepshead Bay. The event is open to the public and you do not need to be a member of the Knights of Columbus to come and enjoy.

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  1. Its going to be good! I’ll be there and I have a fairly large handfull of friends and fellow readers who are excited to be joining me. See you there!

  2. On another note, isn’t it nice to have a local community oriented site? Makes meetups that much easier.

  3. WTF? First of all… who would marry you?

    Nevermind that. Anyway. Are you saying an evening of wine and live music on the waterfront is not a romantic enough way to end an anniversary date? Come on…

  4. Listen to me.  You buy her one slice of Delmar pizza, just one no need to spoil her. Add a can of Coors Light, don’t be cheap buy 20oz  bottle. Get flowers from East 14 St (see this link ). Add mustache ride to the equation and BOOM you have yourself classy anniversary and still have time to go to this soiree (very gay word Ned). Btw it is totally OK to grab a $10 from her purse when she is not looking, you earned it anyways plus it will get you few beers at this shindig.
    You welcome.

  5. Ned,
    I know you meant well by the party at the Knights and I know this ska band, in theory, was a good idea but please, as a resident of the building next door, 3030 Emmons, hire a DJ next time. I am being bombarded by this off tune, off key mumbo jumbo and don’t get me wrong I love alternative music, as my cousin used to own Max’s Kansas City, but this is bad and it was the first time in 13 years of living here that I had to close my terrace door and put on the TV and AC to drown out this noise. Happy Birthday and many more.

  6. Ned,
    I know you meant well by the party at the Knights and I know this ska band, in theory, was a good idea but please, as a resident of the building next door, 3030 Emmons, hire a DJ next time. I am being bombarded by this off tune, off key mumbo jumbo and don’t get me wrong I love alternative music, as my cousin used to own Max’s Kansas City, but this is bad and it was the first time in 13 years of living here that I had to close my terrace door and put on the TV and AC to drown out this noise. Happy Birthday and many more.

  7. Just make sure that the savages from last night don’t get invited…. I’ve never seen a bigger bunch of human vultures in my life, including the lady in the long sleeved red & white striped shirt who virtually knocked me out of my place in line for a sandwich. I hope she’s reading this right now.

  8. was she a member of the knights? alot of them dont like it when people throw parties at the bar or on the pier. i should know. ive been a memeber for about 7 years now. they would rather you stay in the catering hall and away from them.

  9. I didn’t ask her. She was too busy nearly knocking me the eff down to get a piece of the hero…. Regardless, member or not, don’t act like a f*n animal. I couldn’t believe how these people just swarmed around the food like they’ve never been fed before.

  10. Somewhat disappointing, mostly because of the savages mentioned above by Janelle.  You don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and I do not blame Ned for the food running out so fast.  Bassett and Cupcake Kings did not have to provide anything at all but thanks to them for what they did provide.  Most of the people there came to mooch the free food, which was gone in
    about 2 minutes because the above-mentioned vultures were building
    leaning towers of Pisa on their plates.  Same with the cupcakes.  Ned
    felt pretty embarrassed about the situation and ordered pizza, which
    disappeared equally as fast.

    Besides the food vultures, the people felt like the worst of Staten Italian showed up and were having their Soprano style conversations in front of the band just to make sure nobody gets to see the band playing.  At least those were standing.  Others were glued to their chairs with this expression on their faces like they were waiting for a funeral to begin.

    The place itself wasn’t great.  $3 drinks were $4.  They had a limited amount of pint glasses and asked people to bring them back ASAP.  And they ran out of lime pretty fast.  I understand that they opened their doors for free but there is no excuse not to have glasses or lime.  One is free, the other is 10 for a $1 making a wedge about 5 cents.

    The music was the only saving grace until open mic night from the same Staten Italian Soprano wannabes.  The Penniless Loafers were great, and so was Nelson F until he gave the mic to numerous sleazy lounge singer wannabes.

    Ned and the gang did a great job at organizing this event with a budget of pocket change and lint.  It was a great attempt for Sheepshead to get together without having to go to a “luxurious” place but due to things beyond their control, it was … somewhat disappointing.

  11. I have no criticism whatsoever. I got to hang out with some of my best homeys, meet some great news one, see some terrific longtime Sheepshead peeps (hello, Mike from Wheeler’s! <—— awesome!), and I cannot say enough good things about Ari Kagan — I just love that guy. I got to meet Randy Contello, who let me shoot some photos with his D90 (sweet), Ariela, Andrew Kent, Arthur (whom I had met once before), and honestly, I had a feeling the food would run out anyway. So what? Big whoop. For super cheap a few of us gorged on roast beef sandwiches at Roll & Roaster, and speaking for myself, I don't think that detracted from the awesomeness of the soiree one bit. I thought it was fantastic, and am quite impressed with how Ned pulled it together. Rock on, brother Ned. And don't let what any Negative Nellie douches have to say get you down. You did a great job.

  12. Second that.

    After all, we came to say “happy birthday” to the Bites, not to eat the free food, right?

    It did seem, however, that some have not eaten since the morning…

  13. The event was mobbed by the geriatric community who are drawn to free food like flies to light. As I told Ned at the beginning of the night, the demographic at the event could not possibly represent the demographic of this blog. The actual readers/members were drowned out by the swarms of old people who came from god knows where (knights of columbus themselves?). I know they meant no harm but they ended up ruining the atmosphere of the event for those of us NOT taking blood pressure medication daily.

  14. Well what can say that was not said already? If you came for free food or 5 star
    seven course meal you are asshole. Drinking $4 beers was fantastic, Ned was running around with pitchers of beer as well. The highlight of the evening of course was meeting a few regular commenters and having food discussion with Robert. Btw if he will never talk to me again I will understand, I bugged the shit out of him with my food related thoughts.
    What can I say about the regulars? Ariela and nolastname are much more fantastic that you can imagine. Kent is very familiar with NYC politics, Arthur can tell you everything you need to know about Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica. He can even name episodes. Randy is way in love with his camera and tripod he is also chatty and friendly.
    The only disappointment was Ned. I think he is growing shorter. In fact he looks like angry chipmunk and has personality of a dead moth. He drinks way too much and slurs racist comments when he is drunk, which I think is all the time. He also kicked a kitten off the pier. He very much reminds me of a leprechaun. Between being as toll as a bar stool, that sad excuse for a beard, constant running around while hording all the cash and not investing it in to Bites, being angry and rude, he is perfect representation of leprechaun. In fact I heard few Irishmen talking about following him after the event and see if he will lead them to a pot of gold.

  15. Careful with that assessment, since some of the most active readers here belong to the group that takes “blood pressure medication daily”… Especially considering that there isn’t really a minimum age for heart/cardiovascular system diseases.

  16. As a medical professional, I can’t disagree, Tho I meant that the atmosphere was probably not ruined for those active members since they were among peers rather than a bunch of “kids.”

  17. as a reply to some ppl on here about the service they rec’d at the Knights of Columbus. I was one of the bartenders last nite. Janelle i can guarentee the lady u are refering too was not a member. Gene i have been a member at the knights for 12 yrs. and you do not know what u are talking about. We welcome all ppl and do not mind outside parties in our bar. Not sure if you have ever worked in a bar before BUT what bar do you know has over 100 pint glasses available. Its not that hard to ask someone to bring their glass back when comming to order another one. 2nd the domestic bottles of beer were $3 just like advertised.

    I want to thank Ned and sheepsheadbites for having this event on our pier.

  18.  Billy, everything was great. Don’t bother with all the hate. Beers were good, service was good. It’s a nice place you got and I was wondering if none members can stop by for a beer once a while.

  19. Don’t get me wrong – it was a great event and I’m very proud of Ned for being able to pull this off. Kudos to him for doing a great job. But I’ve never seen people swarm to food like that before in my life, knocking people over the way they did. Behavior like that is just disgusting. And I’ve encountered similar behavior like that during the Gravesend Cemetary tour with the same type of cranky old batties. Just nasty and rude.

    Oh and let me not forget the criticism I overheard from 2 old ladies about how awful the music was – speaking specifically during the Pennyless Loafers set. Sorry that it wasn’t 1940s swing or jazz, lady. Ned tried to accommodate everyone, not just the geriatric population. Sheesh.

  20. Agree with F_a_b_a (oh god, just vomited in my mouth while saying that). Bar and prices were the one thing about the event the didn’t dissapoint one bit. ($4.75 for a diet coke and a beer?? I thought the price was JUST for a diet coke) 

  21. Thanks for the party Ned.

    I was amazed by these old ass bats who took hero’s the size of their F*CKING  HEADS. So inconsiderate esp when they saw how big the line behind them was. I bet they also gave a 5 cent donation to get in too, cuz that how much they gave in 1920. I’ve seen people taking the heros and cupcakes and wrapping them up in tissue and stuffing them in their bags to take home.  Amazing behavior by the 50+ crowd. The younger people were cool as hell though.

    We need an age limit at the next party 😉

  22. i work on friday nights usually and the other guy i worked with works on saturday nites. everyone is welcome back whenever. if anyone asks if you guys are members just let them know you are with the sheepsheadbites crew and they shouldnt give u a problem….

  23. I had a headache last night and so I wasn’t in the mood for large numbers of people. I suspected a large crowd would attend; that it became a senior riot was not what I would have imagined possible.

    I would have liked to meet a number of the people who contribute here that I have not met already. A small event might be nice. People who participate in the blog in some fashion. A setting where the motivation would be interaction.
    Food for thought.

  24. A few of us are OVER 50. Some were there last night. I see the problem as being that there were people attending whose connection to the blog was at best, tenuous.

  25. FABA, meeting you and the other Biters was fantastic. We have something in common. Damn if I know what it is but it’s a good thing. 
    Can I post pics…? 
    Ariela, Randy what ‘cha got?
    Lev, I have a good one of you and family.
    Ned must be sleeping (or waiting for the bank to open).

  26. Janelle,

    That lady was my mother so please next time move out of the way you cow. You were standing there like you owned the food.

  27. Ned didn’t order pizza. Someone pranked the event and ordered Domino’s in Ned’s name, and he was gracious enough to cover it the first time. Then someone did it again.

  28. was at bachelor party last night, looks like i missed out a great event. 🙁 

    Perhaps folks can toss up some pix? O.o 😀

  29. I don’t think it was age.  The heros were pre-sliced, so each slice was a serving and couldn’t be further divided.  But some people were seen taking more than one slice, although perhaps the second one was for someone who came with them but was not in the line.  There probably should have been a back-up plan with less expensive food like chips, pretzels, popcorn, or fruit, but, then, there were some leftover containers of coleslaw and other go-withs that weren’t touched.  BTW, I never got a cupcake.  We old folks move kinda slow. 😉

  30. Next time an event like this is scheduled it should held in the light of day. Sunlight turns trolls to stone as we all know.

  31. The food riots over the crab eggs at Seaport are disgusting, but, then, that makes it easier to access the shrimp. clams, and mussels, which I find more enjoyable and a far better deal for the money.BTW, Seaport has never, ever, made money on me, yet they always give me a warm welcome, especially when I eat there with a friend.  I’ve come to the conclusion that there are people back in China watching videos of us eating and placing bets.

  32. The music was a bit too loud, but it was a nice mix.  In fact, the Pennyless Loafers had more in common with 1940’s swing than the second band, and their up tempo rendition of Jim Lowe’s 50’s hit, “The Green Door,” was the first time I’d heard that song since I was a kid.  The second band was more classic rock, but they did a kickass version of the Ramones’ “I Wanna Be Sedated” that got people dancing, although it wasn’t exactly a mosh pit.

    If the alter cockers who complained had stayed for the after party, they would have enjoyed the more traditional old jukebox stuff blaring from the lodge’s speakers.  Maybe next year, go for a more versatile bar mitzvah band and perhaps some karaoke.

  33. How about a pot luck picnic, or maybe an RSVP pay-as-you-go brunch or prix fixe buffet at a local restaurant?

  34. Great space, great hosts.  The pier, with its beautiful view,  quaint marina, and even waterfowl (well, a lone egret), was like being on vacation in some seaside resort. 

  35. I had a great time, met some really cool people, and got to hang with some of them afterward.  It’s nice to make new friends and to receive compliments for things I’ve posted.  The seductive convenience of the computer and some physical limitations due to disability have made me somewhat of a recluse.  Getting out and feeling human energy again is very life-affirming.  Thanks to Ned and everyone for making this happen.

  36. Maybe the invite should have read, “Live Food, Free Booze, and Cheap Music!”  Then you would have attracted health nuts, alcoholics, and people who like crappy garage bands.

  37. BTW, we of the “>50” set invented sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, so show some respect.  Well, we may not have actually invented sex, but we did kinda perfect it.  😉

  38. BTW, we of the “50+ crowd” invented sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, so please have some respect. Well, we may not have actually invented sex, but we did kinda perfect it. 😉     

  39. I would like to do a picnic. I wish we could do it in the grassy area on the north side of the Belt that runs between East 13th and 15th Street. Nobody ever goes there, and it’s wasted. They should have an entrance, and turn it over to the Parks Department. I’ve always gone there because it is good place to be alone.

  40. Probably better to use a space with picnic tables and nearby bathroom facilities, and the noise and exhaust from passing cars could be annoying to some people.  A place where barbecuing is allowed could be a plus.  But I think the Parks Department now limits the size of organized groups, so a permit might be required if too many people RSVP.  If enough people participate in organizing the event, perhaps we could have folk singing, a drum circle, or games like badminton or vollyball.  Or maybe just gather at the beach.  Manhattan Beach would be nealy ideal.

  41. That’s one reason I was thinking of this spot. True there are no facilities, especially since the library on East 14th Street isn’t open on Saturdays anymore.

    We used to hold night events on Manhattan beach years ago. We never got permits and the police were OK with us being there late as long as we didn’t seem disruptive.

  42. I think they close Manhattan Beach after a certain time, but I’m not sure of the summer hours. Perhaps Sheepshead Bites can use its connections with the Community Board and local politicians to get any permits that might be needed or to reserve space. Does Plumb Beach have picnic tables? 

  43. Your and the staffs service was great, gentlemanly and prompt. I had no problems with any part of the facility and would definitely recommend future gatherings. TY.

  44. Some people in the community have been fighting against barbecuing.  Is it still allowed, and in how restricted an area?

  45. Some people in the community have been fighting against barbecuing.  Is it still allowed, and in how restricted an area?

  46. Plumb Beach has picnic tables but they are small in number. And of course the beach itself is somewhat narrow.

    Manhattan Beach closes usually after dusk. And things are different now. Brighton Beach is open, though I’m not sure whether people are supposed to be on the beach after dark.

  47. Re: what bar do you know has over 100 pint glasses – any and every bar!!!  I have been to bars with over 100 people with full and empty pint glasses on tables and at the bar and the bartenders just kept whipping out more glasses every minute.  Hell, I have over 2 dozen large glasses myself and I’m not a bar.  You need to get out more, Billy.

  48. Also, aren’t you a catering hall?  Shouldn’t you have enough for every person?  Do people have to share knives and forks too?  Did the Seaport Buffet crab leg people steal all your glasses?

  49. I did, but my inertia killed my career before it even got off the ground years ago. 

    Some of the people I knew years ago are getting back into playing, some have even gone into the studio to make new recordings.

  50. lmao @the savages… me ned and the other lady open the heros and got shoved outta the way… then the asshole yes i said it, asshole who prank called pizza to be delivered, should be shot – but did provide humor  2 pies being devored in 42 seconds i belive it was? who was it that timed it lol…
    then i was the msart one who hid a pie for the band

  51. lol – the event over all was fun. the late night group of us who stayed and had the long convo about everything from scifi to politics – to my astute observation about relogion and glass’s….  was a blast
    those who were there till the end – the group photo i have up on fb – i would love to hang with you people on a normal basis

    and btw – i was the one naming episoids of bsg

  52. My friends and I go to the Seaport Buffet for the express reason of watching the animals go for the crab legs! The idea of placing bets will be considered by us in the future. Hey, there’s a second career for me there, good idea! Let’s compete with China on that one.

         Creatures of all races, creeds, and colors push, shove and battle their way to pile up their plates (even though there is a stated limit). First time I saw it I was dumbfounded…. Seems to have become a tradition. I think Pavlov is at work there, I suggest that trays of horse manure be placed randomly to see if the behavior persists.

  53. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the event. Faba, Ned couldn’t possibly have behaved like that or he would already have been a friend of mine…

  54. It should not matter where as long as it can accommodate all of us.

    The bay, the ocean – it’s all connected.

    Besides, the $ toll will keep out the schnorrers!

  55. Happy Birthday Sheepsheadbites & many more thank you Ned for a great time.   Never even seen the pizza but thanks anyway.  lol I was glad to meet some of the people on bites. A large turnout it was great. 


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