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More Franchises – And Some Mom & Pops – Headed To Coney Island

Johnny Rockets is just one of the new franchises headed to Surf Avenue. (Source: Thomas Hawk/Flickr)

With less than a month to go before beach season kicks off, a slew of construction is going on over in Coney Island with the hopes of having new restaurants and attractions ready in time.

Aside from the construction of the Thunderbolt roller coasterAmusing the Zillion points out that several businesses are in the works.

Among them are two mom-and-pop businesses: Lunatic Ice Cream and Luna Park Cafe are currently under construction on Surf Avenue and both aim to open in May, the site reports.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the “new” Coney Island if it didn’t include more franchises. The neighborhood received an Applebee’s and It’Sugar last year, adding to Popeye’s, Dunkin’ Donuts and McDonald’s.

But there are several more in the works, according to Amusing the Zillion. Currently under construction are Johnny Rockets, Burger-Fi, Subway Cafe and Red Mango.

Tricia at AtZ has been documenting the construction, and gives some background on those locations. Check it out.

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  1. I kinda cringe at the thought of franchises… on one hand it will give jobs, and people from out of the neighborhood would be, i guess, more comfortable, with something they are familiar.. on the other hand the privately owned businesses are overlooked because of the comfort level…
    i know that i didnt catch the height of it, or whatever – but what i want to say is this – I miss astroland.

  2. Please no franchises. Coney island may not have been the nicest place but I loved the gritty and dirty vibe it has. I would hate to see it become a smaller version of Disneyfied times square

  3. Not if people do not give them business. I know I will never be caught dead going into red mango or Its Sugar and hopefully many people will do the same. causing these franchises to leave

  4. i doubt that it would work. simply because the tourists (i include those residents outside of southern brooklyn, too) would be more comfortable venturing into a known establishment – kinda like those american tourists that have a tendency to go into mcdonalds and such places when abroad, even though there’s plenty of local, better fare around them.


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