Fondue Now Available At Puff On Avenue Z

Puff Cafe In Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Puff Caffe (1307 Avenue Z) – a favored hangout of local 16-year-old brats illustrating their maturity by smoking hookah packed with sophisticated shisha flavors like “Sex On The Beach” and “Fuzzy Navel” – is now offering fondue. It’s right there on the sign. Hookah. Fondue. You get the point.

While they’re not the first to offer fondue in the area, it might be an attempt to diversify their post-adolescent offerings as the sale of shisha to minors is likely to become illegal in the next few months.

The lounge – er, “caffe” – is offering Swiss fondue, to be specific. They’ll have various kinds of chocolate (white, dark, milk), cheese and “special beer cheese” to dip appropriate fondue dipping stuff into.

Good for them, expanding to a new international cuisine. It’s like a regular ol’ United Nations at Puff. They use the Italian variant for “caffe” without any semblance of an Italian cafe, offer Turkish hookah and foods like hummus and, um, quesadillas, and now pair it up with Swiss cheese and chocolates.

Only in the Bay, baby.