Five Things We’d Love To See In 2010

As the third and final part of our year-end package, we’ve created a wishlist of things we’d like to see in 2010. This list could be a lot longer than five items, but we thought it best to stop there and let you add your own in the comments.

  • More business diversity – 2009 was a good year for shopping and eating in Sheepshead Bay. The number of cell phone and sushi shops didn’t increase as sharply in previous years, and we got a few cool new businesses and discovered some older ones. Healthalicious, Arbuz, Coney Island Taste, Bim Bom Toys, and a handful of others added some diversity to the area’s offerings. We hope this trend continues in 2010.
  • Used book store – Since we’re on the topic of businesses, we might as well single out one we really want above all others: a used book store. We’ve written about this before in our 5 Businesses Sheepshead Bay Needs list back in September.
  • Stronger leadership from Sheepshead Bay orgs – They probably don’t want to hear it, but Sheepshead Bay’s two community groups – Sheepshead Bay/Plumb Beach Civic Association and Bay Improvement Group – need to step up and start doing a better job in the neighborhood. While they’re volunteers and we appreciate the effort they put into our ‘hood, both groups lack organization and strength, and have not accomplished enough in the past year to bring residents together or address our needs. We hope to work with them to be stronger, but the initiative and drive needs to come from its current members.
  • Long term solutions at Plumb Beach – After Hurricane Ida swept through Plumb Beach in November, leaders including Congressman Anthony Weiner began prodding city, state, and federal agencies for long term solutions to erosion and flooding issues. Weiner requested $35 million in 2010 federal funding for related projects, and we hope work starts before it’s too late.
  • ADVERTISING – Okay, this one’s totally self-serving, but it’s honest. In 2010 we hope to see Sheepshead Bites become a totally ad-supported media outlet. For that to happen, we need your help. Own a business in the area? Contact us to find out about advertising packages and readership. Even if you don’t own a business, let your favorite shops know there’s an awesome new venue that can help them get the word out to neighbors!