Five Exciting Spots to Eat in Greenpoint

Five Exciting Spots to Eat in Greenpoint

We know: it’s supposed to be soup season. Yet it’s almost 80 degrees in October. And in light of the new report that says climate change will scorch the Earth way sooner than we thought—like, within many of our lifetimes—maybe instead of rounding up some fun Fall places to eat and get warm, we’ll focus on some comfort food and eating our feelings.

If you’re up in Greenpoint before the rising sea-levels flood the waterfront parks and promenades and lay waste to storefront retail and restaurants, here are some exciting new(ish) spots to try:

Di An Di
68 Greenpoint Ave

Garnering a ton of hype and praise, the Vietnamese noodle spot on Greenpoint Avenue is the latest offering from the folks behind An Choi on the Lower East Side. It’s been open since the summer, so hopefully the crowds have thinned out a bit and you won’t be outside too long.

128 Greenpoint Avenue

Just down the street, Oxomoco is serving up some elegant Mexican fare from wood-fired grills, all housed in an exquisitely-Instagrammable setting. Their plates are perfect, the patio is gorgeous and if you’re not a 9-5er like the rest of us, they serve brunch 7 days a week. Seriously.

Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop
110 Franklin Street

A long-awaited offshoot of the local legend, Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop is just that—a quick stop for the slices that made the nearby restaurant famous. You won’t wait as long as you might for a table, but still, there are lines every day at the old-school eatery, and for good reason! A little more expensive than a subway ride—or the neighborhood’s plain slice average price—the pizza at Paulie’s is still worth a visit.

Finally, for when the temperature actually hits the 50s this weekend—we hope—two new dueling ramen spots have made their way to Greenpoint, so you’ll have to schedule your trips accordingly. No one will judge if you have ramen on Saturday and Sunday, right?

Ramen Spot
760 Manhattan Ave

Ramen Spot, down on Manhattan Avenue, has a wide-open space and a ramen bar ready to serve up miso broth specialties and small plates.

Ramen Mafia
208 Franklin Street

Finally muscling their way in on Franklin is the Ramen Mafia—delayed for months on end by inspections, the place finally opened, and wow it looks good. Blowing up Insta with intricate bowls of ramen, along with amazing looking apps like spicy tuna on crispy rice, Japanese fried chicken, spicy shrimp—this is a definite must for the ramen-obsessed among us, especially as the winter months approach.


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