Five Brothers Pizza Opens On Coney Island Avenue

Photo by Robert Fernandez

There’s a new pizza joint in town.

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Five Brothers Pizza, Pasta and Grill (718-648-1600 ‎) just opened at 2650C Coney Island Avenue between Crawford Avenue and Avenue X. Flanked between Universal Hair Studio on the left and the Famaliving furniture store on the right, Five Brothers (“& a sister, the boss”) replaces Beans & Crepes, whose lasting legacy, according to a Yellow Pages reviewer, was that they made “fresh queezed juices” and their chairs “fit the behind in a perfect manner.”

But enough about queezed juices and ergonomic seating — a cursory web search revealed that, in the short time Five Brothers Pizza has been open, foursquare user Stefanee R. has checked in twice (a good sign), uploaded a photo of a sumptuous slice of New York pizza, and has subsequently declared herself Mayor of the new establishment, which also offers free delivery. We hope the five brothers and a sister don’t mind someone from outside the family’s bloodline crowning themselves with such a high-ranking level of distinction.

Nevertheless, we wish the entire Five Brothers family much success and look forward to sinking our choppers into a hot slice or two in the near future.