Finally! After Long Delay, Life At Mr. Figaro’s

No joke: I really worried. Not just because it’s where I get my hair cut, but because Mr. Figaro Hair Cutting has been a Sheepshead Bay staple for decades. If you remember, back in June, the ceiling of the establishment collapsed, forcing a Department of Buildings Order to Vacate.  A sign was put in the window that promised to reopen soon, but nothing has happened since then.

Really, nothing. No work inside. Every time I went by the storefront at 1919 Avenue Z, I’d drop in at the florist next door to check for updates. It was such a shame because it looked like Mr. Figaro (a.k.a. Jerry May) might throw in the towel. Business had slowed, and earlier this year there was an effort to give the shop a face-lift, and Figaro hired two young barbers to assist. Then it all fell in on itself. Literally.

When I saw no work going on, I figured maybe he’d finally take his retirement, and what a shame that we couldn’t put together a report honoring his time as tonsorial artist.

Well, all that fretting for nothing. A new sign is now in the window saying that work has started and they’re shooting for an early October “Regrand Opening,” and that Mr. Figaro would most definitely still be running the show.

Here’s that sign, courtesy of BrooklynQ:


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