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Fidler Backs Off Claims Of Storobin-Skinhead Ties


Councilman Lew Fidler held a press conference on Avenue J today, joined by Charles Schumer, to announce that the Democratic U.S. Senator is endorsing Fidler in the race to replace State Senator Carl Kruger. But Fidler took a moment during the presser to address the ongoing coverage of his earlier claims that Republican opponent David Storobin has “ties to skinheads and neo-Nazi groups and white supremacist groups.”

PolitickerNY reports:

“I want to answer that, and my campaign folks would probably tell me that I shouldn’t,” he began. “I never, ever, ever did, or would have, called David Storobin a neo-Nazi.”

“I’m not so internet savvy … I used the word ‘ties’ instead of ‘links,’” he explained.  Adding that he “never once raised it in public,” while Mr. Storobin “continues to raise it in public.”

… “Again, he’s responding to comments that I made to a group of young Democrats at a bar, where I thought we were in a private room,” he added. “Look, if I was 25, I’m sure I would have used ‘links’ instead of ‘ties,’ I wish I was 25.”

Indeed, Fidler did make the comments at Wheeler’s in a pep rally-style speech to the Brooklyn Young Democrats, saying that the Brooklyn GOP was making a mistake backing a candidate whose past they hadn’t done their homework on. It had recently come out on the Gatemouth political blog that Storobin’s writings were repeatedly linked to by white nationalist groups. Storobin’s articles mysteriously vanished around the same time his campaign launched.

Fidler wasn’t all apologies, though. He managed to throw a barb at his opponent, saying he’s been using the issue to distract from real issues.

“He’s trying to make an issue out of things that’s not all that relevant to the people who live in this district who are more concerned about whether or not we’re going to have safe streets, clean streets, about whether or not they’re going to be able to afford yeshiva tuition for our kids, how good our public schools are, whether our parks are maintained – all of those issues,” Fidler said. “David Storobin seems to want to talk about anything else. I wonder why.”

Fidler’s got some evidence on his side to back that up. A member of Storobin’s team leaked a four-point “game plan” for their campaign strategy. Top of the list? Focus on Fidler’s “lies about David Storobin.”

“Lew Fidler made repeated, baseless accusations that David Storobin was a neo-nazi who had ties to skinheads,” the Storobin memo states. “After days of spreading despicable lies and suffering the condemnation of Jewish leaders throughout the community, Fidler finally backpedaled…but not because he knows he’s wrong but because he got caught in a lie.  If you can’t trust Lew Fidler’s word on David Storobin’s Jewish faith, you can’t trust anything he says.”


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  1. like they say in mother russia, za bazar otvechat’ nado.

    how stupid he looks now, ohh.. I said ties… not links.. . come on …who are you kidding.

    “never once raised it in public” …. so.. that video of him talking in the bar is not public.. ?? wow

  2. From the article: ““Again, he’s responding to comments that I made to a group of young Democrats at a bar, where I thought we were in a private room,” he added.”

  3. So Lew Fidler is carving out an exception for comments made among associates made while drinking in a bar. Let’s mark the calendar.

    Good to see Chuck Schumer is his usual ebullient self. Did someone stop payment on a campaign contribution? Possibly he is displeased Fidler is the focus of the shot rather than himself.

  4. So David Storobin is running a campaign based merely on the fact that his supposed ties to right wing kook groups have not been proved.

    It was rather windy and cold outside today. Enough to make anyone uncomfortable. But both Fidler and Schumer were real troupers about it.

  5. Do you really think Storobin will be an effective State Senator? Brooklyn already has Marty Golden. The Republican GOP and Marty G are not going to share the $$$ that is spread around to the freshman too much. 

    Now you elect Fidler on the other hand and you have the one good normal stand up guy out of the while Brooklyn Delegation. With that you end up with the best representation.

    Or we all write in Carl Kruger’s name and have him share the kickbacks with everyone who votes for him. THis way we all get a share… will be easy, we can count it as a work release program from prison for him.We all know he is just dying to meet Ja Rule. 

  6. With campaigning like this, perhaps it’s best the district get gerrymandered out of existence.

    So, I guess the bad smell in the neighborhood is not coming merely from the waters of the bay…..

  7. Who doesn’t want to talk about the issues?  Lew Fidler!  Does he want to talk about vouchers?  Does he want to talk about he is part of the same Democratic machine that gave us Carl Kruger and the national disgrace that is Anythony Wiener?  Does he want to talk about the fact that is the same speech about white supremacists he brought up the Tea Party as if the two are anyway related (except of course among career Democrats).

  8. Anthony Weiner, for all his pomposity, was a very good legislator. I say this as a Conservative who does not believe in toeing the party line. Just because a lawmaker has a couple of odd and harmless perversions does not and should not make him a “national disgrace.” I think the bigger disgrace was the mainstream media, which created and then obsessed over his scandal to the point of Sheepshead Bay losing a competent political leader who Got Stuff Done. No more Weiner. No more Kruger. It’s all so goddamned sad. Now we have this neo-Nazi mishegoss and… on that note I shall bite my tongue.

  9. Well, i disagree about Weiner’s quality as a congressman, but I wholeheartedly agree that to kick him out for dumb stuff like what happened was really ridiculous. As someone said, if we continue this policy, the only legislators (or judges) we’ll get are people who are still living with their mother.

       I was really annoyed at the Rick Perry thing. He had a list of govt. departments he wanted to abolish, and he forgot one. On national television. Now, I know nothing about Rick Perry (I really don’t follow the primaries, it’s a clown show usually), but my gosh, WE ARE GOING TO DISQUALIFY CANDIDATES IF THEY FORGET SOMETHING? My gosh has it come down to this? We disqualify guys if they have some dumb harmless perversion, or if they forget something on  television?

      One has to ask oneself: what kind of candidates are we getting, the smooth polished ones who know how to bullshit the public  on camera, and the ones most skilled at hiding away any faults in their lives (and who amongst us have no faults, oh yeah, the ones that are living with mother)?

    This is what we want? Well, then, this is what we’re going to get. Man, we’re going to be ruling out some pretty qualified men/women in BOTH parties.

  10. You keep repeating the same comment on every political post, on every political blog, with the same (or similar) link, over and over. Why don’t you just ask Lew Fidler?

  11. I’m sorry.  Did Lew honestly say he’s not internet saavy? This is Lew Fidler, the guy who debated me on this and other websites when I ran against him for City Council in 2009, right?  The same guy who claims to be a fantasy baseball junkie?  Seriously? 

    Like Weiner, it’s not the act, it’s the covering of behind thereafter that can get you into trouble. 

  12. The articles that Storobin wrote have been removed from public view. Storobin had been the editor of that magazine. They disappeared when Fidler’s remarks were made public.

    You’re absolutely right, Gene. It’s the covering up that matters.

  13. Actually, it’s the slimy thing you do believing no one would notice.

    And then hide awa thinking no one will see them.

    Too late, they were cached and therefore retrieved.

    And one person had read quite a number of them before they were removed from Global Politican. That person has been under constant attack from Republican operatives for telling the truth.

    Go read this, and learn the real bacxkstory.

  14. And if David Storobin was covering something up, you’d be right.  But he’s not. So you’re wrong. 

    David is on record saying that he didn’t take anything down, has never taken anything down, and never asked anyone to take anything down.  As you said, he WAS the editor, which means he’s not the editor anymore. 

    He was working as a journalist.  That much is clear.  The NYT wrote articles about the same people and groups – by the same logic, it’s also a neo-Nazi organization! 

    It’s tactics like what Lew Fidler tried to pull but got caught (this time!) that dragged this election in the gutter.  Now it’s up to both to rise the dialogue.  I have confidence David will do just that. 

  15. […] After weeks of negative campaigning surrounding a slew of vanishing blog posts by Republican candidate David Storobin… and Lew Fidler’s statements that it was because his opponent was embarrassed of the content, which was linked by hate sites… and after negative mailings from the Republican State Committee touting Fidler’s “special perks” and position at LawCash… and after press conferences full of heckling… and after Storobin replaced his campaign manager and Fidler chastised his… […]

  16. To me, it doesn’t matter what word Fidler or anyone else for that
    matter is saying.  Why is it every time you
    have a Jew, it’s about the religion?!!! Do you know what religion are all the
    other candidates? Do Roman-Catholic candidates advertise to support
    Rome???  THINK ABOUT THIS!!!


    Everybody else in this county has a right to free speech and thought; we
    may like it, agree with it or NOT, this is why this is a FREE country.  Everyone has their right to privacy and what
    is said in private is intended to be in private! I have yet to meet a saint who
    NEVER EVER said something in private or public that would not offensive
    someone.  If you look to be offended, you
    will be.. ALWAYS!


    The reason that I’m posting a comment is because I keep hearing “Vote
    for David Starobin, he is an immigrant and a Jew, and he’ll support the
    interest of Israel” on Russian Radio, I heard his live interview, and I wasn’t impressed.  The reason that I wasn’t impressed is because
    he keeps playing the “Jewish card”, and I think that THIS is offensive or
    should be.  WHO CARES where you are from
    or what’s your religion, is what you can do for the country that you are living
    in and the country that provided you with all these opportunities. Also, there
    were comments about him supporting Israel, that’s a whole other country!!!
    HELLO PEOPLE WAKE UP?!! What does Israel have to do with NYC?!!! Did Israel put
    David though law school and gave him all these opportunities? NO, USA DID, so
    why Israel is in the center of his advertising himself?!!!

    I’m sure that my comment will
    not be popular with the other “card players” but guess what, they make it seem as
    though except sympathy and religious believes, they got nothing else, makes me
    think that maybe that’s true.  Oh, and by
    the way whoever thinks that I’m anti-Jewish, which I’m SURE that is what my
    comment will be degraded to, got news, I’m a Jewish, Russian immigrant as well.
    So guess what, it is offensive to me that other than Jewish background or
    participation in Jewish community, I can’t find anything else that I would like
    to see in the future senator.  What about
    people of other religious backgrounds?  I’m
    sure that it’s offensive to them and their religions that they are being ignored
    when Jewish religion takes first place in his campaign.  I can write a lot more, the only thing that I
    hope to get across is, stop exploding things like religion, diseased ancestors,
    (btw everyone has one) and support to other countries, and start focusing on
    THIS COUNTRY and its issues, because this is what truly important!


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