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Family-Run Prostitution Ring Busted, Earned More Than $7 Million

High Class NY's website is still operational, but the phone line is out of service.

Prosecutors unveiled a slew of charges today against a prostitution network named High Class NY, operating along the Sheepshead Bay-Midwood border, and run by a husband, wife, son and step-son.

High Class NY charged between $400 per hour to $3,600 per hour, with clients often spending more than $10,000 in one night, the indictment alleges. In the three years it has been operating, it earned more than $7 million, using billing techniques to mask the nature of their clients’ purchases on credit card statements.

In a press conference this morning, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes slammed the high-price ring as a low-class venture.

“There is no such thing as a high-class pimp, and as we do with all other pimps, my office will prosecute these defendants and seek the maximum sentences available under the law,” said Hynes.

The bust was made with the assistance of the NYPD’s Vice Major Case Squad, wrangling up 17 individuals in the indictment, including the alleged ringleader Mikhail Yampolsky, his wife Bronislava, his son Alexander, and his step-son Jonathan Yampolskaya. They face up to 25 years in prison for charges including enterprise corruption, promoting prostitution, money laundering and criminal sale of a controlled substance. Also charged were 11 managers and supervisors, as well as High Class NY’s two largest investors that sank more than $1.4 million into the company and were being paid back with interest.

According to prosecutors, the company is charged with operating several escort websites, including,,,, and, which were all run out of an office at 2313 Coney Island Avenue. To help hide the nature of the business, escorts signed employment contracts describing themselves as “models” and stating there would be no sexual contact with clients. But the indictment charges High Class NY took money for sex services, and that the escorts also provided cocaine and other drugs to clients with the profits going to the company. In a separate indictment, two escorts are charged with prostitution, criminal sale of a controlled substance and attempted sale of a controlled substance.

As of today, all of the websites are still operational, except, which redirects to a pornography website. Unlike the other sites, appears to be a still-in-development nationwide social network for escort matchmaking. describes itself on the main page as a companionship service, and descriptions of its model frequently say “sophisticated” and “educated.” The website blurb says:

High Class NY is one of the top companionship services for those who expect the best out of life. We introduce fashion models, pageant winners, exquisite students, graduates, and women of successful careers to gentlemen with exceptional standards as NYC Escorts. Our models are more preferable if you are looking to make your evening date, weekend getaway, or business trip enjoyable. We accommodate refined and successful international clientele.

Our services are discrete and confidential. All dates are individually designed to accommodate the needs of your specific occasion. Please keep in mind that each companion has place in her schedule for only a select number of appointments per month, so your date will be a special one for both of you. Our high standards of beauty, intelligence and charm ensure that you always encounter the quality you expect in a woman when with a High Class NY model.

A disclaimer on and sought to ward off legal problems:

In no way, shape or form does High Class NY consent to or have knowledge of any illegal activity. The exchange of money is only for time and discreet companionship. Anything other than this is by personal choice between adults of legal age and is not allowed by anyone through High Class NY.

The district attorney describes the Yampolskys, their managers, and their employees fielding phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. According to the indictment, they laundered the $7 million in profits between September 2007 and November 2010.

High Class NY’s phone line was disconnected when we called for comment.

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  1. How come I always find out about these places AFTER they get busted. Did I miss a mailing list or something?

  2. Accept for not paying taxes I find nothing wrong with this business.  The girls for the most part know what they are getting into and if it weren’t for these escort services they would be selling their ass at some shady strip club or working for a violent pimp.  The only real crime here is the exuberant prices.

  3. Legalize it already! It’s going to exist, no matter how many laws prevent it, it’s better to just legalize it, so it can be regulated and taxed, while practitioners can be better protected and screened.

  4. Better to legalize it and control it than make continual half-assed attempts to prosecute it. Its never going away.

  5. Learned a long time ago, if you’re gonna throw a party, invite the neighbors, or they’ll call the cops on you.

    Had they not been so high priced, I bet the very same people pushing to shut them down would have been part of the party and no one would have been the wiser and no story.

    Not that I’m condoning this in my neighborhood of course…

  6. At those prices you’re going to piss somebody off sooner or later. Or somebody is going to think they’re not getting their proper cut.

  7. i wonder if a 2-3 hour hookup with some random girl you just met is really worth the $400-4000 cost for lonely men, young and old, who are like desparate for sex.

  8. i wonder if a 2-3 hour hookup with some random girl you just met is really worth the $400-4000 cost for lonely men, young and old, who are like desparate for sex.

  9. A business amongst “consenting” adults, considered illegal based on biblical moral grounds? Is this Iran?

  10. There’s still Porn……….. it’s Free, and you can get yourself off better then any woman (unless they are trained)  however most “escorts” have STD’s… so you really gotta think.

  11. Pity the poor dick that  went undercover to expose this operation. As  everyone said, legalize it. The state could make a small fortune from the tax collected. There are hundreds of Brothels in N.Y.   So they closed one ?

  12. I dont think it was that…. Decades ago there was a house of ill-repute on Brighton 5th street (don’t ask me where, or how I know, please)…. It operated for years. Then drugs came in. Immediately, it was raided and shut down.

       Thus, my guess is that the drug trafficking did this place in too.

  13. Prostitution is legal in most of the civilised world, Canada, England, Europe, New Zealand.  Politics should be kept out of the bedroom. “seek the maximum sentences” for a victimless crime is beyond absurd. 

  14. I know someone in the case! Yes there are bails from the leader get 125,000 to 5000. The case is not that big the da’s office blow it out porportion. Hopefully the media will cover when the judge say not guilty!!!!!!

    If you’d like you now more message me on here on I can set up an interview with someone in the case!

  15. I don’t mind moral values, but people need to respect that others can have different values, and so long as there’s nothing forced upon another and no harm is done, let consenting adults do what they want in their privacy.

    In this case it’s a business, so lets get it regulated and taxed. Sex workers can be screened for diseases and clients can be protected. Regulation will remove the drugs and pimps to a degree, while providing more safety for the sex workers.

    Our society is too fucked up, “Hey let’s criticize this bastard visiting a prostitute! Oh hey, let’s go party with Jenna Jameson at her new book signing afterwards!”

    The over- persistence of the sexual compulsive can make switching gears out of the “erotic haze” very difficult. Although this type of self-absorption makes productive/creative work and interpersonal relationships impossible, refocusing is painful. Going from one task that involves excitement, risk, mystery, intensity, soothing and escape is excruciating when taking out the garbage or paying the bills is called for.


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