Explore NYC’s Irish Ancestry at Green-Wood Saturday

Explore NYC’s Irish Ancestry at Green-Wood Saturday

Before you start knocking back the green beers and Jameson this weekend, why not take a trip through time to explore some of New York’s Irish ancestors?

Green-wood Cemetery honors St. Patrick’s Day with a walking tour of Irish immigrant graves detailing the highs, lows and contributions of each.

The tour will lead you to, among others, the graves of:

Lola Montez (1818-1861) “The Spanish Dancer” who, yes, hails from Ireland, would rival any modern day diva with the severity of her scandals. Lola mesmerized the King of Bavaria but the people ran her out of that country.

General Thomas Sweeny (1820-1892) Sweeny, at age 12, boarded a ship to America. He was swept overboard during the voyage, and spent over half an hour in the frigid Atlantic before being rescued. The bravery and perseverance he demonstrated during that adventure was exemplary of how he lived his life and led his armies.

Marcus Daly (1843-1900) At 15, Daly arrived in America with no money. He worked his way to California where he figured out the mining industry. Daly hit copper at the same time Thomas Edison realized copper was the best conductor for electricity. The Daly Museum website describes Marcus as having “the usual Irish temperament.”

The tour will take place on Saturday, March 16 at 1:00pm, at the 25th Street entrance. Tickets are $10 for members, and $15 for non-members. Wear good walking shoes.