Erosion, Flooding At Plumb Beach As Hurricane Batters Shore

Sheepshead Bites team member Robert Fernandez risked life, limb and camera this morning by heading down to Plumb Beach for some footage while the winds and waters were still roaring.

Fernandez’s camera caught the water pummeling the shore, pouring over the sandbags and into the Belt Parkway and parking lot. Sections of the shoreline near the bathhouse seem to have moved back a foot or more, and the damaged bike path also further crumbled away.

We reported yesterday that the city claimed to have placed additional sandbags on the beach before the storm. However, Fernandez did not spot any new sandbags, though they might have been pulled back into the waters. Many of the remaining sandbags were partially ripped open and strewn about, while others simply were too low or sparsely packed to halt the tides from reaching the Belt Parkway.

Though waters did hit the highway, it doesn’t appear to have been enough to flood it, though it likely had an impact on the long term integrity of the roadway.


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