Energy Scammers on Argyle Road

Energy Scammers on Argyle Road

Fake energy salesmen were spotted on Argyle Road between Avenue H and Glenwood Road yesterday evening around 5pm.

Four men claiming to be from Con Edison or Family Values Energy (neighbors’ reports vary) were knocking on doors and asking to see Con Ed bills from neighborhood homes in order to “be sure that you’re getting the right energy service,” said one neighbor.

The group was spotted entering side yards of homes when no one answered the door. They claimed to be going to the home’s side entrance.

Two of the suspicious men were described in an email from a neighbor:

Tall white man in a blue shirt with a blue Yankees cap and a shorter black man in a long-sleeved red shirt.

The police showed up within a few minutes of being called (at around 5:45pm). A car and scooter stopped them and spoke with them. No one was arrested but the men did leave the street after the exchange.

This is not a new problem. The neighborhood dealt with the scam most recently over the summer, and we’ve heard reports many times over the past few years.

At last month’s 70th Precinct Community Council meeting, Inspector Rodriguez detailed the way a team of fake Con Ed employees distracted home owners while accomplices robbed them.

If someone comes to your door claiming to work for Con Ed or any other organization but will not show you proper ID or give you straight answers as to what they want, they’re probably looking to scam and rob you. Call the police if you see suspicious activity. If you’d like to inform the neighborhood, send us an email at, and we’ll get the word out.


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