Emmons Avenue Lemonade Stand Run By Charitable Children

lemonade stand

There’s nothing that makes a driver more bothered than that halted Emmons Avenue traffic on the way to the Belt Parkway. But, there’s nothing nicer than a refreshing glass of cold lemonade when you’re stuck in that traffic.

These three sweet children spend their entire days, with the support and encouragement of their mom and neighbors, selling lemonade. But their sidewalk stand is not just a childhood moneymaking dream, this entrepreneurial effort has a charitable purpose.

According to their “Lemonade For Haiti” website (boy, lemonade stands sure have come a long way), the crew has a mission to send 1K pounds of food to less-privileged children in Haiti. If these little philanthropists don’t mind spending their entire summer raising money for a good cause, we don’t see why everyone can’t spend a few minutes making a contribution.

So, next time you’re driving (or walking) by Emmons Avenue and Nostrand Ave, make sure to stop by and support Chedera, Christopher, and Conner in their efforts. If you’re not in the neighborhood, their website is equipped to accept donations.