Eight Months After Neighbor Was Assaulted, She Was Burglarized At The Same Location

A neighbor who was assaulted and robbed at the corner of E 18th Street and Dorchester Road in October was burglarized last month at the same location, prompting the woman, who wished to remain anonymous, to reach out to us and ask what can be done about security in our neighborhood.

The neighbor, who lives in a locked building that can only be accessed via key or being buzzed in, told us:

I left my apartment at 6:30pm on Friday, July 11. I returned at 9pm. In that window of time, the tires and seat were stolen from my bike that was locked to the railing of my floor just outside my unit door, like all the other tenants’ bikes. This bike has been locked in the same place undisturbed for 10 months. I called the police; they came and took a report. According to my building’s super, the theft wasn’t caught on the multiple surveillance cameras located in the building. However, one week later, the super’s tools were stolen out of a locked hallway closest inside the building, and that was caught on surveillance.

The neighbor wrote to us that she is “not sure what is going on in Ditmas Park, since I only moved here a year ago, but I am very much looking forward to the end of my lease.”

While overall crime in the 70th Precinct is down (burglaries, for example, have dropped 19.6 percent compared to last year, though felony assault has risen 13.6 percent), it is far from nonexistent. And, with this individual saying she is moving out specifically because of crime, it begs the question: What do you think can be done to address crime here?

By coincidence, we were also sent this video yesterday, which gives some helpful information about burglary in the city:


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