Easter and Passover Art Projects

Easter and Passover Art Projects
Easter Egg

Are you looking for art projects to do during Spring Break?

We caught up with Karen Meraum at Barking Cat Studio (219 Greenwood Ave) who suggested simple and fun Easter and Passover art projects.

Painted Matzoh—I love edible art projects and Karen recommended this fabulous one.

Passover-friendly candies

Melt chocolate with butter. “Paint” chocolate onto Matzoh. Decorate with candies.

Artists can enjoy their creations immediately or they can be saved for dessert.

Dying Easter Eggs—Homemade Easter egg dye takes longer to set than store bought dye, but making dye from scratch is so “Brooklyn”.

White crayon
Food coloring, various colors
Hard boiled eggs

Use the white crayon to make designs on the hard boiled eggs. Mix 15 drops of food coloring with ½ cup of vinegar. Make a separate solution for each color. Soak the hard boiled egg in the dye solution for at least an hour, longer for a richer color.

Artists can use Easter eggs in a hunt or they can be peeled later for deviled eggs.

Do you have a favorite Passover or Easter project you did as a child? One that you do with children now? Share it with us in the comments.