Earthquake Tremors Rattle Sheepshead Bay Residents

Sheepshead Bay residents came out of their homes looking confounded  at approximately 1:54 p.m. today, as rumbles from an earthquake near Washington D.C. rattled the area.

An earthquake that measured 5.9 on the Richter scale hit the Washington D.C. area shortly before Sheepshead Bay’s residents felt the effects. The Pentagon, the Capitol, and several other public buildings have been evacuated. It’s the largest recorded earthquake to hit the area, originating in Charlottesville, VA, with tremors being felt as far north as Boston.

Here in the Bay, it was likely the first earthquake experienced by most residents. You survived unscathed. We’re very proud of you.

However, Sheepshead Bites’ Business Manager Robert Fernandez is particularly perturbed, demanding in between sobs of terror, “Where are the animals? Aren’t the animals supposed to warn us?”

He’s calmed down now, though. Don’t worry.

Meanwhile, your venerable editor Ned Berke, having lived in an earthquake zone – in a condo on the 13th floor of a building over a cliff – stood on a chair, laughed maniacally and belittled Fernandez in between gushing, “They were right! May 21, mo-fos! May 21!”

He eventually fell, but did not hurt himself.

What were you doing when the earthquake hit? How did you react? How about the people around you?