Dyker Heights Domestic Murder Latest In A Trend?

(image by Reliant for Home Reporter)

The bloody crime scene that greeted police on the night of Wednesday, August 17, while shocking, may just be the latest in a series of domestic violence cases in Southern Brooklyn that have ended in the worst possible way.

According to an article in the Home Reporter last Thursday, He Xiao-Bao, age 25, the suspect in the Dyker Heights murder, allegedly stabbed his 24-year-old girlfriend multiple times, killing her. The unidentified victim’s screams escaped the couple’s apartment at 935 71st Street, leading concerned neighbors to call 911.

He, the suspect’s family name, had reportedly slit his own wrists and brandished a knife as first responders arrived on the scene, but was fortunately disarmed and arrested by quick-thinking police officers.

From Home Reporter:

This incident was apparently just the latest in a series of escalating violence between the couple, who reportedly filed domestic violence complaints against one another as recently as March of this year, within the 72 precinct, which serves the communities of Sunset Park and Windsor Terrace. There is no word on what type of action was taken on those complaints.
According to Captain Richard de Blasio of the 68th Precinct, the suspect was disarmed at the scene by responding officers, who used “great tactics” to subdue and arrest him after he had apparently slashed his wrists. The weapon – a knife – was recovered at the scene and police “do have the right person arrested.”
He – the suspect’s last name – was taken to Lutheran Medical Center for treatment. According to the District Attorney’s office, he is currently awaiting arraignment on charges of second degree murder – which carries a penalty of 25 years to life in prison – and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree – a misdemeanor.

The most basic details of this case are eerily similar to at least two other domestic violence murders that have shocked Brooklynites this year. The stabbing deaths of Tatyana and Larissa Prikhodo in Sheepshead Bay, as well as that of Daniella Mannino in Bensonhurst – both in April – share a common storyline of control and abuse, as well as a similarly macabre ending, with the Dyker Heights killing.

Recently, legislators have called for reforms in the current Domestic violence laws, including a Domestic Violence Offender Database, modeled on existing databases for sex offenders.

A domestic violence bill written by State Senator Diane Savino, which would make it easier for victims to obtain restraining orders, was also recently signed into law.  


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