DOT Agrees To Install Low Clearance Signs On 86th Street

The Department of Transportation (DOT) responded to requests from Assemblyman William Colton and Councilman Mark Treyger for signage under the D line.

Following a series of traffic jams involving oversized trucks squeezing under subway overpasses on 86th Street, the transportation agency has agreed to install low clearance signs on the throughway by May 2016, according to Treyger.

Colton and Treyger urged truck drivers to think twice before using 86th Street as their route through Bensonhurst and said they both hope that the signage will reduce congestion.

“Drivers should not have to sit in traffic for hours waiting for trucks to be dislodged from the subway overpass, and pedestrians should not have to be fearful of crossing the street,” said Treyger. “We are thankful that the DOT has agreed to our request.”

In their letter to the Borough President Keith Bray, the officials pointed to past incidents when trucks got stuck under the el, causing traffic jams on the busy street.

“We are glad that the DOT was able to process this request,” said Colton. “Once we were alerted about the dangerous situations by neighborhood residents, we immediately acted to make sure proper signage helps to prevent further incidents. This will help protect all the pedestrians, drivers, and help prevent delays on public transportation along the busy 86th street.”

The officials also were concerned that the collisions between the tops of the trucks and overpasses have been damaging the structural integrity of the subway line.