DOT Agrees To Some Traffic Changes In Manhattan Beach, But Civic Group Presses For More

The Department of Transportation has agreed to a slew of minor improvements to help curb dangerous driving in Manhattan Beach, following a recent meeting with community stakeholders. Community leaders, though, are vowing to keep the pressure on for more significant improvements.

At the meeting, organized by Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz and attended by representatives from te 61st Precinct, Community Board 15 and the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association, DOT Brooklyn Commissioner Joe Palmieri agreed to paint “Stop” on the road at each intersection with an existing “Stop” sign, as well as install “Stop Ahead” signs at the same intersections.  He also said that he would add signage around P.S. 195 to alert motorists to its presence, and install better signage by the Manhattan Beach playgrounds to let drivers know that active children are likely to be in the area.

“We are past the point of studying this, we need action.  This is not a political issue; it is a concern for the safety of each and every one of our residents as well as the tens of thousands who visit the community each week.  We must focus on finding solutions that will work before another person is hurt or life is lost.”

The traffic powwow also covered the community’s wishes to change the zebra stripes, eliminate the bike lanes and the need to make left turns on Oriental Boulevard safer.

Palmieri promised to bring the community concerns to the top of the chain at DOT, Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan. Cymbrowitz has scheduled a follow-up meeting with Sadik-Khan and Deputy Inspector Georgios Mastrokostas.

Ron Biondo, traffic chair of the MBNA, gave a recap of the powwow at the group’s January meeting on Monday. He noted that the group is still seeking additional changes and that the group will need to continue pressuring the department for more action.