Dorchester Drawing

Dorchester Drawing

Artist and neighbor Julia Sverchuk posted a couple of drawings on her site of a crushed car on Dorchester Road, which she drew this afternoon. It’s a good reminder to be careful out there – though the city has been dealing pretty quickly with fallen trees blocking streets in our area, there are still a number of damaged sidewalks, loose branches, and trees and limbs that haven’t been addresses.

Two such trees are on Rugby Road near Foster. Though a neighbor has filed a work order with the forestry department, the trees are still leaning precariously against two houses there, so they’ve started a SeeClickFix report as well. As of this morning there have been 3,216 service requests made with forestry, so they’re understandably overwhelmed. Still, be cautious while you’re walking around, and if you need to file a report, you can either call 311 or do so online.


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