Dog Barking Sparks Vicious Acid Attack

If anyone has information about the perpetrator of this, please call the police. We’ve heard the attack was on Avenue U. Though we all sometimes have problems with our neighbors and their dogs (and their poop), this type of reaction is plainly sociopathic. Help get him off of our streets!

From the Daily News:

A Brooklyn man was doused with acid because his dog barked at someone on the street, police said Thursday.
Igor Dubrovinsky, 29, was at Staten Island University Hospital with burns to his neck, hands and face the Wednesday confrontation. His injuries were not life-threatening, police said.
Dubrovinsky was walking the dog around the corner from his Sheepshead Bay home when he passed a man wearing all black.
“The dog starting barking at him,” said a source. “I guess the guy got upset.”
He flung the acid at Dubrovinsky and fled. The dog was not harmed, police said.
No one has been arrested.