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DOB Orders Mosque Construction Workers To Leave Site

Source: Bay People

The Department of Buildings has confirmed that inspectors visited the site of the Islamic Cultural Center (2812 Voorhies Avenue) today, and ordered all workers to cease construction immediately for violations of their partial Stop Work Order.

Upon inspection, the department found excavation work being performed that violated an existing Stop Work Order on the elevator pit. As a result, the agency is in the process of issuing violations for non-compliant conditions.

The partial Stop Work Order has been in effect since January 14 after rescinding a full Stop Work Order in place since January 6. The SWO’s were a result of complaints from opponents to the construction of the Islamic Cultural Center.

This morning’s inspection likely came at the urging of Bay People, who had an ongoing e-mail exchange yesterday with Ken Lazar, community liaison for the Department of Buildings, complaining that excavation continued in violation of the Stop Work Order. The e-mail included photos (one is above) and video.

Here is the text of the e-mail:

Dear Mr. Lazar,

Please note that your response to our email is viewed by Bay People for what it is: an attempt by the Department of Buildings to cover up its gross negligence.

Excavation resumed at 2812 Voorhies as soon as the Complete Stop Work Order was amended to “Partial” and your office and DOB was aware of it from our numerous 311 compalints. You are also aware that NO excavation could have been witnessed today due to the fact that they COMPLETED excavating ILLEGALY despite the Stop Work order and the equipment is no longer there.The fact that the inspectors  were at the site and observed no violations does not show that the violations were not occurring. The builders know about complaints posted on line and wait for the inspectors to show up before they continue work. The pit didn’t magically appear weeks into the stop work order, it was methodically dug up! (VIDEOS ATTACHED)

The easiest way to show the violation of the Stop Work order would be for the same unit which issued the order to see the changes at the site since the SWO was issued. Do they remember what it looked like a month ago? Are there  pictures? There are, we and other neighbors sent it to DOB on numerous occasions and would be happy to-resend the e-mails. You are asking for evidence….Well we are sending in to you with before and after pictures and videos of exacavation that violates the partial stop work order (videos taken 1/20/2011.)

Photo 01-25 11-151 shows excavation at the elevator pit.
Photo 01-26-11-152 shows that excavation was completed

Our complaints are not “accusation” but legitimate concerns expressed by residents of the community. We have witnesses, pictures and videos confirming continous excavation at the site. Moreover, DOB received a video of the excavation on 1/20/2011 (sent by Brian Reid.) Why didn’t you mention it in your response? Who are you covering for? Why are you lying to every person copied on this email? Being a “liaison”, did you contact the people who observed the violations, did you visit the site before and after?

2812 Voorhies has multiple complaints, open violations and unpaid fines. The paperwork is still not in order. Multiple documents are not signed or dated, some documents have wrong names and addresses. And we are not even talking about mistakes/falsification and omissions in the plans, just the obvious things that can be observed without being an architect or an engineer.

Unfortunately, residents of Sheepshead Bay have no choice but do the work the DOB has failed to perform.

Please contact us shoud you have any questions:[email protected] or 646-673-6297

Alex Tenenbaum
Leonid Krupnik, PE

Here is the video:

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  1. No matter the motivation, no matter how lazy DOB is with other worksites, or how fair they treat others doesn’t matter.

    The builders are breaking the law. Period. Until they are in compliance they need to stop. The reason and source of the scrutiny doesn’t matter if the law is actually being broken. Which it is.

    While it’s sad that people are shining a light on this work site for the wrong reasons, it has to be said that ALL construction sites should be under the same scruitiny. If people were this methodological then it would have been much more difficult for all these condo’s to go up.

  2. So these fascists win! Aint that Amerika, home of the free!

    The supporters of the Mosque and religious freedom need to get some dirt on these so called “Bay People”. They don’t represent Sheepshead Bay at all. This has always been a diversified community until they came along. Down with these lying, filthy slime!

  3. if we held every builder to scrutiny there would be hardly any construction going o here.

    The bigots have won.

    Now it’s time for us to organize and take our neighborhood back from the bigots.

  4. It all boils down to bigotry. I don’t like the arrogance of certain other ethnic or religious groups let’s say. Maybe I should go down to DOB next time one of them wants to put up a new religious edifice or exclusive condominium for their kind huh?

  5. I have an idea, let’s make Bay People life’s a living hell. Anyone up for some real investigative journalism? Let’s see where they get money and how they spend them, that can uncover some interesting discoveries.
    Ned or is it Ted or Bob, are you up for the task? I don’t know, you Americans all look the same to me.

  6. The more good something can do the more obstacles the devil will put in it’s path.
    What ever does not kill a person makes them stronger.
    The Mosque will eventually shine no matter what dark clouds are cast over head.

  7. Same should have been done to people who are building the mosque. We have no idea where the money came from, a person just came to elderly couple and bought property for $800K CASH AND he is UNEMPLOYED. Hm… you should ask same question from owner of the property.

  8. I saw the protesters this morning while walking my son to school. They were blocking the sidewalk, and after I politely asked them to let us pass, I got the look.

  9. This is big government, Lisanne! The laws are so convoluted that ANYTHING they want can be stopped. I’m sure if it was a tribute to Ronald Reagan that was being stopped on these bogus violations, you’d be yelling in favor of it.
    I agree with you. The alleged violations are probably a lot of bull. But again, this is the big government heavy hand that so many people want when it supports them, and suddenly are against it when it doesn’t.

  10. Furthermore, I’m quite sure when it comes to building Walmart, the liberals are going to dig up every last code violation they can find. Are you (I mean plural or general “you”) in favor of these techniques or against them? You can’t pick and choose.

  11. you will probably get an answer like…

    #1- We all cheeped in 20$ each. lol
    #2-Money came from prominent Islamic Cleric
    #3- Hamas gave them to us
    #4- We mostly do not support terrorism.

  12. Hmmm, then you can stand up in Congress and say “I have in my hand the names of 50….”… McCarthyism works both ways!

  13. ROFL!!!!!!!

    First off, All of those people in that picture are Russian… What gives them the Right to Protest?? Hope these people know they look like fucking Jackasses.

  14. The DOB Approved the JOB, Permitted it and any MIS. issued will be resolved and the work will continue no matter what..

    I heard the developer is cooperating to do what is the best to ensure the safety .

    The point here is NO ONE, including our trusted Officials, will allow the Bigots to succeed over the rights of people and the constitutions..

    I looked at it and looks like no elevator pit on the site.
    I have no idea where are these information coming from,,, lol

  15. EVERYONE must comply with the same laws.

    You must follow the laws of DOB.

    Its for public safety.

    Doesn’t matter if you are building a one family home or twin towers. You must comply with the laws.

  16. Why is Mrs. Anderson complaining when laws are broken?

    Guess, everyone who drives a red light should get tickets, unless you are Lisanne.

  17. Why is Mrs. Anderson complaining when laws are broken?

    Guess, everyone who drives a red light should get tickets, unless you are Lisanne.

  18. What does all that mean? Please break it down for me. Are they statements previously made that make you think the mosque will not be built?
    Reup this….

  19. Can you please hook up your comment to any other activities on the issue so I know where you might be coming from. One statement does not make a case in this instance.

  20. I agree, the DOB is practicing selective non-enforcement. I believe there’s a conspiracy in the Bloomberg administration to leave a legacy of architectural turd and disaster across this city.

  21. At this point that possibly what we need. There has been an overbuilding boom to put mildly. No reason to be afraid of scrutiny because its a mosque. It would be great if every structure being built got this kind of scrutiny.

  22. Let’s back that up to any structure built in the last several years,
    A review of sorts with corrective measures taken.

  23. Ned,
    This post is an outrage. A dangerous outrage. I wonder how the proposed mosque’s next door neighbor feels aobu this remark. I believe you have an obligation to report this poster to the police forthwith.
    Councilman Lew Fidler

  24. Ohhh, Yes.

    Ned would love to do this.

    Anything to instigate a fight, ned will love to get the attention

  25. Very Smart!!!

    Shows how what a LOW LIFE you are

    licking ass? is that what you enjoy?

    nothing smart to say?


  26. Please stop with the personal attacks and discuss the issue. If someone else feels the need to spout ignorant, hateful attacks against another individual, do not respond and instead press the “Flag” button. Thank you.

  27. The following statement gives them the right to protest:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    Do you know what that is, ShadowLock?

  28. When laws are broken someone should complain. The quality of life laws around here have been ignored for so long people think it’s OK to be an arrogant pig.
    All red light runners should be ticketed unless of course you don’t drive. LOL

  29. I didn’t want to say this but if thats the case, then i think the Police should come in Full SWAT gear and shoot rubber Pebbles at all the people protesting, Since they are allowed to do that…ohh, and don’t forget Tear Gas!

    Take your Statement and Shove it, you know why? cause it’s America people come here to get away from the shit they live in… just like all the Russians came here because of the Hard times in Europe, and so on and so forth

  30. Really…………

    Why do you hate people so much? don’t you understand we Bleed the same Color Blood. behind our Skin we are all the Same!

    You can’t Blame ALL the muslims for Something they never did!

    Your no better then the KKK….

  31. Gee, how did you let the Germans get by? Didn’t they kill a hell of a lot of people?
    Yes, each one of them living here now in this point of time Killed someone. That is how you think.
    Get it? I doubt you do.
    Sharia don’t like it…rock the……

  32. YEA!!! Seriously…. How did They let the Germans by? don’t you know they impacted History so much they made their events known in Every History book being thought in school…..

    i haven’t read in any history books about Muslims terrorists… Strange…………

  33. Stepping over the issues here that appear to be based on bias, the thing is DoBuildings screwed up – again- big time. We see this sort of treatment all the time – a complaint is called in and 311 posts it – well in advance of the actual inspection (heads up!) – then show at the site and report condition not found – sometimes they just post “address not found.”Take a look at this job: the new applicant, an engineer, has been disciplined by the Department of Buildings. The permittee, AB Design Build, has had his licensed yanked by Consumer affairs: check the jobs he’s done in the past, and the complaints filed (not to mention the fact that it is illegal in NY to style a firm “design – build” when the owner isn’t a licensed architect. Finally, how can an individual build a mosque? I’d think a religious entity of some sort as owner would be a pre-requisite. That is certainly not the case here – Dept of Finance shows no exemptions since this guy bought the parcel.

  34. when they ticket the crazy drivers, the politically correct word used is “aggressive ticketing”, meaning of course “those nasty police are being so unfair”. I wish they’d 10X the number of tickets, every corner I cross at this point is some one passing a light, blocking the intersection, or threatening to run me down when i have the right of way.

  35. Links?

    1. Google search does not yield any complaint or license revocation information for AB Desgn Build;

    2. I can not find NYS requirements for the word “Design” or “Design/Build” in the company name. It appears that in general a company would be required to have a licensed architect in their staff, not necessarily as an owner.
    See relevant discussion here:

    3. I can not find any restrictions on who can be an owner of a building for religious use.

  36. Next time you see Lisanne running a red light I urge you to take pictures and report her to police immediately. Until that time, stay away from baseless accusations.

  37. Here is the statement from The Liberals: No, we are not in favor of unfair techniques being applied to anyone. Period. No need to pick and choose.

  38. New York Penal – Article 490 – § 490.20 Making a Terroristic Threat

    § 490.20 Making a terroristic threat.
    1. A person is guilty of making a terroristic threat when with intent
    to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, influence the policy of a
    unit of government by intimidation or coercion, or affect the conduct of
    a unit of government by murder, assassination or kidnapping, he or she
    threatens to commit or cause to be committed a specified offense and
    thereby causes a reasonable expectation or fear of the imminent
    commission of such offense.
    2. It shall be no defense to a prosecution pursuant to this section
    that the defendant did not have the intent or capability of committing
    the specified offense or that the threat was not made to a person who
    was a subject thereof.
    Making a terroristic threat is a class D felony.

  39. i would have picked up a piece of ice and chucked it at them, people who give the “look” deserve it. after all we all know the police don’t give a …. about throwing snow at people or cars. like in G beach.

  40. Did you know it was a MEGA mosque? What makes it MEGA?

    Listen – if people want to debate whether a mosque should be there, fine, that’s a right. As is discussing if Islamic culture – or anything else – is going to destroy America. But… what the hell is with all the superlatives? This place is going to be smaller than my Hebrew school, which also had no parking and was on the corner of a residential street. Why is it so hard to stick to facts?

  41. Hmm.. A Mega-Mosque. I hope they have extra bags of Cheetos and Root Beer Slushies. Yeah, bring it on! Since the supermarket is blocks and blocks away it would be awesome dudes & dudettes!

  42. you want to start that game?! lots of PE and contractors in the area and involve in this game of hate, and will be under the Eye of God Google. By the way I saw alot of illegal occupancy in the area. lots of voilations will be served, and DOB inspectors will be too busy around the Mosque area if you want to start the game of 311. old men have nothing to do but calling 311….!!lol

    I think Muslims should do the same,,, and if you see something say something…. good idea for the

    how is that Nid !!!?

    sorry to give such ideas but some of the posts pissed my dg off,,lol

  43. Yeah, that’s right! Let’s investigate every little donation and every dollar of their own money that they spend trying to preserve their peace and standards of living, right? Because you know, it does not clearly say on the construction site that MAS is behind this construction and of course even if it is, MAS is just one harmless organization, sort of like Brotherhood of Islam, where everyone is welcomed with warm milk and cookies, right?
    Go ahead, waste the rest of your useless life trying to make Bay People life a living hell, it is after all a non profit organization, their finances are out in the open, which can not be said about shady character and shady organization behind this mosque project.

  44. Its useless posting it here. These a** kissing liberal idiots do not understand anything that is going on. They are blind and deaf, like ostrich that hides its head in the sand while its a** is sticking in the air for all to see. They have never been affected by any Islamic terrorism, not directly anyway. They should read this and perhaps understand why people feel the way they do about Islam.

  45. That’s because you are ignorant. There is tons of books and material on the internet related to Islam, Sharia and terrorist. You are probably the only one who have not seen any of that. Stranger than strange.

  46. Dear “lol”, it would be a miracle if your words actually made sense. But they do not, so I am ROFLOL. Maybe you should learn some English before posting here, because using “lol” at the end of each sentence does not compensate for total lack of clarity.

  47. Let’s see if you can walk the walk. Be careful of casting stones though, might backfire on you. Bay people’s financials are crystal clear: individual contributions and private donations, what about the mosque, its owner and MAS behind it? Surely $800K did not come from $20 donations by few Muslim families?

  48. i ate street meet for lunch today and now feel quilty knowing 2.50 out of the 5 bucks i spent will go towords builing an istitution where hate towards America will be taught.

    The issue I have with all of religion in general (I myself am a non practicing Jew) is that the onse who practice it are all full of sh*t. Jews, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Budhists etc. A person who would trully believes in God would never break any laws spiritual or constitutional knowing that punishment from God would follow in the afterlife. Which is why I don’t believe in Gods existance…..there is just no order on earth. When my manager is in the office, everyone does what they’re supposed to. Guess what happens when he’s not present?

    So any true beliver in Islam would just walk away, knowing they are causing turmoil in the neighborghood and would look for a more appropreate area. There must be a bigger picture here. This is just a money laundering scheme. Where would an unemployed guy get cash to buy a property? This is not about relligion!!!!!! Wake up….someone just wants to funnel money through a mosque. I personally dont care if it goes up or not, even though I live around the corner. I’ll just sell my property to a nice muslim family.

  49. Go back to the repressive country where you come from slimeball! Maybe your terror tactics are acceptable there. Not here where we have freedom of religion. You can try to wrap your evil devil spawned bigotry in a lot of legal hogwash but it’s crystal clear your intentions.

  50. wow, did I hit the spot with my words? I do not remember calling anyone slimeball or devil. And which terror tactics I propagate may I ask? Do you understand English or do you have a script that you adhere to when you post? All your posts seem to be the same, calling others names, throwing a word “terror” around like it was a beach ball. What is going on, did you forget to take your medication today?

  51. Oh, yeah, it will shine where nothing shined before, prophet.
    Just do not quit your day job, you are not that great of a poet or a preacher.

  52. This is an old picture, darling. Cant you come up with something fresh off your PhotoShop? Because you know, it is a middle of the winter, but in this picture people are wearing short sleeves and no coats

  53. It shows how much you know. It is a fairly recent picture. It was taken during the Brotherhood March last summer. Get that phrase, Brotherhood, which is something you know nothing about. Oh, I forgot, you belong to the Know Nothing Party.

  54. Yes, the DOB is very selective in its enforcement. Perhaps they chose to attack the Mosque because a bunch of well heeled ignoramuses flex their financial power. Though I was happy to see a stop work order on the Condo between T & S on Ocean Avenue. The problem with that is the empty shell that remains. It’s truly disgusting when I see more and more empty lots in the neighborhood left by shoddy and disreputable developers who destroy old homes to put up crap condos or some such other. Those things that do go up aren’t built, they’re poured. That references all the wooden molds for fancy garnish ornamentation they leave in their dumpsters. Horrific.

  55. What can be said of red light runners can also be said of those louts in their SUVs honking their horns indiscriminately and in violation of all those signs that say “Horn Honking: $350 Fine. I don’t see that stopping any time soon. It would have stopped if the fines were being levied as a deterrent to all that noise.

  56. Fairly recent or 6 months old?
    Brotherhood, this word has been used so loosely I am beginning to think it is worn out by now. If you are talking about Brotherhood of Islam, then you are right, I know nothing about hateful organization like that and do not care to know. Bunch of towel heads hiding behind their religious agenda. Thank you, no thank you.

  57. If DOB receives complaints, they have to check it out. If willfully they don’t, it’s malfeasance in public office. They saw that a deep excavation for the pit of a lift shaft was too close to and deeper than the foundations of the neighbouring property. To excavate like that is to remove support from the ground under the neighbouring foundation, and possibly to cause damage to gas service pipes. To continue is reckless endangerment of both the construction workers and the occupants of the neighbouring building. Having observed this they could not ignore it. They served a stop-order citing the excavation. The contractor should have satisfied the DOB by having an engineer sign off on ground support requirements and supply a designer’s risk assessment and a construction method statement. It’s not rocket science. Observance of professional ethics should prevent you from carrying on regardless and hoping for the best (the excavation pit sides will not collapse, Inshallah?). This is everyday engineering pragmatism, not politics.

  58. I would agree with those of you who think that we are picking on mosque-builders because of unjustified prejudice. Problem is, the prejudice is justified. In this religion, a mosque is a symbol of conquest. They will have claimed this territory for Islam, and eventually the residents will be pushed out as Islamists assert their desire to implement a worldwide Islamic kingdom.

    Think the Nazis were bad? Just wait till we’re all subject to Islamic law, without being in Islam. Your lives will be miserable and you’ll only have yourselves to blame for not stopping this while we still can. It’s too late for UK, France, and a few other countries. It’s not too late here.

  59. Money for these things comes from Saudi Arabia by the bucketload. They are funding mosques the world over to train their Wahabi terrorists. Saudi funded mosques are not houses of worship. They are boot camps for Islamic supremacists.

  60. I thought Bloomberg was already dedicated to running our lives.
    There is nothing to compare to the slaughter camps the Nazis ran.

  61. Call 311 (if you see something, say something)


    Call if you see “unsafe work conditions” or anything to protect Public safety.

  62. Have you studied islam? Have you read the koran, the hadiths, or mo’s biography? Are you aware of the muslim brotherhood? The Holyland Foundation Trial? Do you know what a Wahabbi is and how much money they have contributed to build American mosques the past few decades?

    Have you studied islam? Have you read the koran, the hadiths, or mo’s biography? ,Are you aware of the muslim brotherhood and its offshoots? The Holy Land Foundation Trial? Do you know what a wahabbi is, what their beliefs are about non-sunnis, or how much they have contributed to America to build mosques? Have you ever read the muslim brotherhood’s plan to replace the constitution with sharia? Do you know what sharia is?

    I think you’re confused on who the bigots are here.

  63. Have you seen the pictures of muslims praying in the streets of Paris? Of New York? Have you researched to see if this is a possibility and what the implications are? There is lots of juvenile complaints here (from both sides) but not many facts.

  64. I do not trust Wiki’s definitions. Their own warning about “multiple issues” will prevent me from reading it.
    NOW, South Park you can bank on. LOL

  65. You go girl!
    All she knows how to do is quote various American laws and Constitution, forgetting that these laws and Constitution have no meaning for Islam faith. None what so ever. Tomorrow if Muslims had to show their loyalty to Islam or American, she thinks they will pick America and liberty it represents.
    They have their own laws of existence and I hope day comes when she will experience it first hand. She will be preaching Constitution, but she will still be an infidel to them, she will fight for their rights and they would not think twice to harm her just because her faith might be different.

  66. I wonder if we can call INS and report illegals working at the site? That would be fun to watch, them scurrying like roaches across Voohries Ave.

  67. Listen up, whether you are an opponent or proponent of this project. Similar situation was happening in Staten Island, Midland Beach, where sale of former convent to MAS was going to happen. Residents of the area picketed and protested and did everything possible to stop the sale and they DID IT!
    Sale was canceled and mosque/school/cultural center was never built.

    Bay People! Contact Midland Beach civic association perhaps you can discuss with them your concerns on how to fight successfully, although I think your lawyer does a great job, perhaps there is something that you can do to help him fight your fight.

    By now, any reasonable person, who wants to be in the community, would have realized that if he wants to be in that neighborhood for some time, he needs to win people over. This Ahmad guy does not care, and all his assurances that he wants to be a good neighbor worth nothing seeing how he ignores stop work orders and clearly has no respect for zoning and other laws.

  68. The department is HomeLand Security ICE (immigration and costumes enforcement)

    They are backed up with cases.

    They are already informed.

  69. I’d like to know what are the implications of Muslims praying, especially as opposed to Christians and Jews praying.

  70. Alright first i’m going to explain to you what the internet is. The Internet is made up of millions and billions of people sharing there idea’s on specific topic’s (it’s also one of the many things in life the Gov’t Can’t Change, since the internet is Open source for All, Unlike the Media which you are referring to. Most of the material you’ve read online has probably been threw some kind of Scare tactic to make you believe otherwise, Just like most people are afraid of Russians cause they know they don’t fuck around and take shit from anyone.

    But how Dare you speak about the internet and use it for your own Judgment, that being said the only reason we’re in “war” is because of the Precious $$$$ we can get from Afgen… i mean shit we came there and invaded there city what you think they won’t fight back are you stupid? Then we have this Bullshit with Osama hiddennoneexsistance Binladen…. There’s like 40000 Different Pictures of the guy With not one picture that actually Looks like him…..

    whats next your going to use 9/11 as the only way out of this argument the day America was attacked by Mentally Challenged suicide bombers…. Right…. If you speak about the internet you know you can find all sorts of USER uploaded Propaganda.. which clearly show Explosions coming out of the Towers to make it Look like a Demolition instead of the Soo called Terrorist Attacks that you all know about…. But why the Internet? Why not the Media? THE INTERNET IS OPEN SOURCE…. Unlike….. Television Which goes threw tons and tons of Editing….

    So next time you bring up terrorism do your Research… On the Internet first.

    and whoever still thinks it different is Ignorant.

  71. Also to add……. Most Wars are because of Different Religions not getting along with each others faith… If we had no Religion, we’d have no Wars…

    My Opinion.

  72. Basically every construction company in NY violates the law while building. I take it your new full time job is protesting all construction in NYC

  73. ya the first clause says that this country believes in religious freedom, so i guess we should just let the mosque be built.

  74. Islamic Cultural Center?  What will they be teaching?  Maybe they’ll show the proper way to bury a woman for stoning and the proper sized stone to use.  Maybe they can have videos on how to perform a beheading, or how to construct a proper suicide vest.

    The sad part is that many mathematical advances were devised by Arabian people, as well as some legal terms and procedures such as the insanity defense.  The term “Touched by Allah” refers to a man out of his mind.

    Now we are out of our minds because we are not making them adhere to safety and judicial laws that were made to protect all citizens.  They have no respect for our laws or our people.  Why are we coddling them?  Is there some directive issued by the Muslim-in-Chief at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?  Hopefully, he will be gone soon.  Normally, building inspectors are always there demonstrating their authority, sometimes with their hand out.  Have they been saved a trip to the jobsite?

    Building plans should be approved before ANY construction is performed.  If the elevator pit is endangering another building, why were they working on it?  Maybe it is time to seize the property and stop all work until the fines are paid and new building plans are approved.

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  76. Where do you stand on the situation? I AM ALL FOR IT. Let them build, let them come and let those that pray…pray for us all.


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