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Do You Need A Professional Suit? Call This Realtor!


I go to real estate companies all the time when I need a professional suit. When I need a casual suit, I go to a pharmacist. My zoot suits are ordered exclusively from cell phone stores.

Oh, 1702 Avenue Z, how I love you so. The incompetence of the various people around you never fails to provide content for me. Today it’s this sign for professional suits – surely you meant suites – but there’s a whole history of fumbles that leaves me bewildered… and amused.

Sure, most recently it was the “Whoops! We forgot to build a garage!” that led to some impromptu sidewalk destruction and the removal of freshly planted trees. But you were screwing up long before that. There was the time we got locked in during your not-so-open open house, and that was just the first run of the new realtors – Dreamlife. And, of course, we can’t forget how bigger brokers abandoned you after a botched deal caused a prospective tenant to call it quits.

Thanks for the latest laugh. We’re looking forward to your next boondoggle.

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  1. i laughed all the way to the bank when i sold that piece of property to those stinky developers – and they paid handsomely.   my poor auto repair shop….NOT!  😉  i had no idea they would build something so large there. they said it would not be  this large because all they planned on doing is digging deep enough to take out old gas tanks, and pour foundation at the lowest depth of excavated area, giving them clearance to build 6 stories or so.  what do i know.

  2. stupid sign. probably some russian realtor  had this brilliant idea to write that. If its not professional then it’s super luxury or royal hahahaha 

  3. The physical appearance is very important at the workplace. The professional suits helps to create your first impression in the office. It will help you to look very stylish and professional.

  4. Professio= Catalan.
    A Catalonian Goddess in a suit ?  For rent??
    Visa, Mastercard and real estate accepted as payment.


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