Ditmas Park’s Dollar Slice

You can grab a $1 slice of Di Fara pizza tomorrow for about an hour but over at Sultan Grill, the slice is always only a buck.


On the corner of Cortelyou and Coney Island Avenue, Sultan Grill serves halal-American food such as fried chicken and pizza, a relatively common combination on this stretch of Coney.

For the pizza fanatics among us, it’s easy to get as excited as Jess about having an ultra-cheap option in the area. Patrons curiously sniff the air because the shop smells like it serves food from the subcontinent. Jess promised an “Indian kick” to the slice and with the store’s laid out ingredients and smells, it’s easy to want to spend a buck to find out the truth.

The truth is that this slice is Ellio’s Pizza with a few spices thrown on. The similarities hit instantly: the texture of the cheese and the taste of the sauce will quickly remind you of eating the frozen stuff.


If you make your weekend walk home past Sultan, a late pizza is always a tempting choice. There’s better dollar pizza out there but none so close to the bars on Cortelyou Road. Sultan Grill closes at midnight on weekends. If the sun is up and you’re feeling clear-headed, walk the extra couple of blocks to San Remo.


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