Ditmas Park Singer Doe Paoro Gets A Little Brokelyn Love

Ditmas Park Singer Doe Paoro Gets A Little Brokelyn Love
doe poaro via Facebook

Brokelyn published a list yesterday called 5 BK girl successes who are out there killing it, including a florist, poet and activist, restaurateur, playwright–and Ditmas Park-based singer Doe Paoro.

In their mini-profile, Doe Paoro (otherwise known as Sonia Kreitzer) discusses the origin of her stage name, hanging out at Sycamore, and finding her second wind as an artist. She also offers other young locals advice about responsible roommate-ism and taking advantage of bridges.

Fun fact: Sonia comes from a musical, and now-local, family–her cousin is Zeke Subtex Kreitzer of Ditmas-Park-via-Boston rap trio Grey Sky Appeal. Maybe there’s a duet somewhere in the future!

Sonia is readying to release her second album, and we hope she’ll consider playing in the area soon.

Who else do you think, as Brokelyn says, represents a hard-working, successful local who crushes the myth of the GIRLS girl? If you know of someone who fits the bill, let us know at editor@ditmasparkcorner.com.

Photo via Doe Paoro


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