Ditmas Park Bubble – A New Event Space Opens Catering To Pandemic Needs

Ditmas Park Bubble – A New Event Space Opens Catering To Pandemic Needs
Ditmas Park Bubble is a new event space in Ditmas Park. (Photo: Liena Zagare/Bklyner)

DITMAS PARK – As thousands of small businesses close as the result of the restrictions imposed to combat COVID-19, one Brooklynite decided to take a chance, and create an event space tailored to the pandemic – meet Ditmas Park Bubble.

Ditmas Park Bubble is an event space, owned by 38-year-old Nia Prendergast, who took over a deli, located at 511 Coney Island Avenue, right next to Werkstatt restaurant and across from P.S.889. It officially opened its doors on July 1 and had its grand opening a month later on August 8 – social distancing rules were maintained and visitor temperature was checked upon entry.

“It was very scary,” Prendergast said of the opening. “I was definitely doubtful especially because people are still being cautious regarding business opening. I had to have faith over fear and continue on.”

Ditmas Park Bubble hopes to offer the space for all kinds of gatherings and activities, for both children and adults from a cooking studio, to an afterschool program with homework and tutoring assistance, and an art program for kids ages four to ten. Anyone can book their POD space for a party of three to ten people, which can include dinner parties, game nights, movie nights, or just a place to hang out, or why not book the entire space – capacity is 25 to 50 people depending on the type of event.

Prendergast is ready for the reopening of schools, whichever form that takes, and the focus is on homework.

“We pick up from selected local public and private schools and can assist you with transportation if your child’s school is outside of our area. All children arrive at our facility promptly after their school dismisses. Our program begins with a light snack and afterward, children immediately begin his/her homework,” the website states about the afterschool program. “Children work in groups divided by grade that is assisted by one or two counselors. Homework assistance is the focus of our program. All children are grouped by his/her grade and work with one or two counselors until all homework is completed. Counselors are knowledgeable in all subjects and current curriculum’s across all of the grades that we serve.”

This isn’t Prendergast’s first foray into business – for the past seven years, she has also owned the Purpose Driven Learning Group Family Daycare in Ditmas Park. She had planned to open right before the pandemic in March, but then it got really bad in NYC. So she opened in July– a decision she is very happy with.

“I love children and although the space is not solely for children, I wanted to offer a safe place for children, adults, and families to learn, share, grow, and have fun,” she said.  “As a parent myself and a Ditmas Park resident for 20 years, there are not many children safe recreation spaces in the neighborhood. Besides, of course, our neighborhood dance gymnastics, guitar, and yoga space.”

She encouraged neighbors to book the space for an event now. She is offering special pricing until October. For more information, you can check out the website, email at ditmasparkbubble@gmail.com, or call at 718-872-6850.

“I hope to become a staple in the neighborhood known for bringing the community together,” she said. “I also wanna give other entrepreneurs like myself that may not be able to open an entire space, [an opportunity] to come and share their gifts talents and abilities.”


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