Di Fara Raises Slice Price to $5

After Coney Island’s Totonno’s Pizzeria burned down in March, we were devastated by the loss of a legendary pizzeria near our ‘hood. Now local pie-hunters are taking one more hit, as another celebrated dough tosser near our borders raises its prices to damn-near-unaffordable.

Di Fara Pizzeria (1424 Avenue J) in Midwood will now charge $5 for a regular slice, $25 for plain pies, $30 for square pies and special round pies, and $35 for special square pies. Additionally, the joint will be closed on Tuesdays as well as Mondays.

So how ’bout it, Sheepshead Bay. Would you pay $5 for a slice?

[via Serious Eats. Thanks to Arthur for the heads up.]


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