Development Watch: Demolition Edition Jan 1-11, 2019


This first two weeks saw quite a few filings for demolition of existing buildings across Brooklyn, yet they were a fraction of those filed for new construction. We are going to try to keep an eye on all as best we can. Today – take a look what is proposed to be demolished.

24-28 Boerum Street

Permits were filed for the demolition of 24-28 Boerum Street in Williamsburg. The property is a small building, part of the massive 545 Broadway development, owned by Collective 545 Broadway LLC:

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24-28 Boerum Street

Here is a bit more about what’s coming in:

REVEALED: 27-story tower at Lincoln Savings Bank site will be tallest in East Williamsburg

92 Walton Street –  Permits were filed for the demolition of a rear structure on the lot.

92 Walton

453 Broadway permits filed for demolition.

Permits Filed for 453 Broadway, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

200 Montague street – permits filed for full demolition the four story office building in landmarked district. More details below.

Will the Landmarks Preservation Commission approve 200 Montague St.’s demolition?

1013 Atlantic Avenue (corner of Classon) – permits filed for full demolition of the one story building at the rear of the old BP Gas Station.

1013 Atlantic Ave/Google Street view Sept. 2018

The lot was acquired by Sol Feder’s Atlantic Classon Group LLC in July of 2015 for $5.3 million. The lot allows for 30,600 square feet of development space, zoned R7A with commercial overlay C2-4.

1111 Fulton Street

1111 Fulton Street – permits have been filed for the demolition of the small building that was last home to Papa John’s to make space for a large residential development that will front both on Fulton Street and Claver Place. Architect is the prolific Brooklyn firm ND Architecture & Design P.C, that was founded by Nataliya Donskoy in 2004. 

1111 Fulton Street Renderings
1111 Fulton Street Renderings, ND Architecture

From ND Architecture: “This new mixed-use construction boasts 18 luxury residential  apartments and commercial space. Design embraces a contemporary approach with a use of metal and composite panels to accomplish a sleek gray exterior. Wrap around property allows for separate entrances to the building. Total project area is 20,000 SF.”

11 Lewis Ave

11 Lewis Ave – permits filed for demolition of the two story wood building, but no indication of what is to come in its stead.

237 & 241 Halsey Street, 429 & 435 Tompkins Ave are all coming down – corner of Halsey and Tompkins to be replaced by a proposed new building (plans were filed 1/10/19).

237 Halsey
237 Halsey
429 Tompkins Ave

Dragonfly Tompkins LLC bought the lots in July 2018, and are planning to build a 7 story, 40 unit residential building that will take up the entire corner, and also provide residents with 20 enclosed parking spots. The 27,136 square foot residential area they propose to divide into 40 units averages 678 square feet per unit, indicating rentals.

1163 Fulton Street is coming down.

1163 Fulton Street

The 4 story mixed use building that suffered a massive fire in December of 2017 that displaced 22 residents, will be torn down to comply with NYC HPD emergency declaration demolition.

No plans have been filed to indicate what will replace it.

2780 Fulton Street

2780 Fulton Street – a garage is coming down to make way for a proposed 6 story, 20 unit mixed use building spanning 21,623 square feet. (Plans for the new building were disapproved by DOB on 1/4/19)

397-399 Liberty Ave is coming down, no plans filed for new construction.

399 Liberty Ave

669 St Marks Ave – Plans have been filed to demolish this single family building to be replaced by a five story residential development.

Permits Filed for 669 St. Marks Avenue in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Massmark LLC bought the building in April of 2018 for $3.25 million. YIMBY reports it will span across the lot next door at 673 St. Marks Ave, and be turned into luxury condos  with some communal space. For a bit of history, check out what Brownstone Detectives have dug up on the old house:

Crown Heights – 669 St. Marks

289, 293 Fenimore Street – Paperwork was filed to legalize demolition of garages and the two properties are slated to become three residential buildings, four stories high, with about 22 units, most likely rentals based on the average square footage per unit of just over 600 square feet.

289-293 Fenimore

8779 21st Avenue – is coming down, along with the garage. The 100 year old home,  was bought in August 2018 by 8779 Property LLC for $1.855 million. The lot is zoned R5 with C2-2 overlay allowing for a much larger building to take its place if the new owners so desire.

8779 21st Ave

2137 84th St is coming down as well. The property changed hands in December 2018 for $2.205 million, and is also zoned R5 allowing for a building twice its current size.

2137 84th St

1027 38th Street permits were filed earlier this year to legalize the demolition of a house that used to be here. No permits filed for new construction.

1027 38th street
1027 38TH STREET

A number of garages are being demolished, including demolition permits for garages at 1218 63rd street, the large Guardian Angels property, others below:

1724GAR 53 ST
1832GAR E 9 ST

2179 Bergen Street, 219 & 221 Mother Gaston Boulevard – Ocean Hill –  the lots will be combined and owner wants to demolish the existing structures. No plans have been filed for what’s to come by the Cb Mother Gaston LLC, and anonymous LLC with mailing address at 199 Lee avenue.

6310 Strickland Avenue – Mill Basin – Home changed hands in August of 2017 and the new owners are planing to tear it down, based on permits. No plans filed for new construction. 

6310 Strickland Avenue

1148 East 31st Street+ garage – home changed hands in August 2018 for $1.575 million and the new owners are planning to build a new one family building for themselves.


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  1. Do you know what’s going at 1715-1725 Kings Hwy?
    There where 4 businesses at this location. It is as big as 6 store fronts. Some cleaning work was done inside for some time and now the site is fenced off.
    I think a lot of your readers would be interested to know what is the future of this location.
    A supermaket? Possible…


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