Deadly Shooting in Sheepshead Marina

Via Daily News:

A gunman opened fire on two men as they swam for their lives in the waters off a Brooklyn beach on Saturday, killing one and critically wounding the other, cops and witnesses said.
The shooting began after an argument erupted on the docks of Venice Marina in Sheepshead Bay between three men.
When two of the men got on their boat, the third pulled a gun and started firing, witnesses said.
“They jumped out of the boat,” said Frank Dogali, 57, who was washing his boat after a day fishing with his son.
“He was shooting at them in the water,” he said. “The guy reloaded and started shooting again.”
When one of the men surfaced for air, the cold-blooded shooter was waiting.
“The guy stuck his head out of the water to get some air,” the witness said. “And the shooter startled him, ran around and pumped three shots into him.”
The shooter continued firing at the men until his pistol ran out of bullets. Then he grabbed his shirt and a knapsack and fled the scene, witnesses said.


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