Deadline to Report Clergy Sexual Abuse Looms, Says Lawyers Group


Survivors of abuse by the clergy of the Diocese of Brooklyn have only two more days to report abuse to the Diocese in order to be eligible for the church’s compensation program, announced the group Lawyers Helping Survivors of Child Sex Abuse in a statement today.

This is the second phase of the Independent Reconciliation and Compensation Program opened in October of this year, which allows victims who previously haven’t reported abuse to confidentially seek settlements with the church.

The program was voluntarily started by the Diocese of Brooklyn, according to their website, “to promote healing and to bring some element of closure.”

“I am well aware that no amount of money will ever heal the scars of abuse, but this compensation program is a concrete expression of our contrition and our desire to make amends,” Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio said in a statement.

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“This is a very small window that the Brooklyn Diocese has opened for survivors to come forward and report abuse to the Diocese for the first time,” said Jerry Kristal, an attorney with Lawyers Helping Survivors of Child Sex Abuse. “Survivors must know and preserve their options before it’s too late. I encourage all to consider this opportunity before they are barred from this path toward healing and relief.”

A report about abusive priests in the Brooklyn Diocese, which includes their assignment histories, was published by the group and is available on their website.

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