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Don’t be lulled into thinking this past week’s onslaught of 90-something-degree heat is a fluke—summer is fully upon us.

And a great way to escape those sweltering temps is by taking a short break from the city on a day trip. But proud New Yorker that you are, you’re resistant to the idea of driving anywhere, right? Don’t be stubborn. There’s nothing like a summer day trip under your own steam. And it couldn’t be easier with ReachNow car-sharing service.

How to Day-Trip Out of Town
Storm King, one of the most unique and soul-stirring arts centers you can visit, is just 75 miles north of here. With a ReachNow BMW or MINI, you can zip up the gorgeous Palisades Parkway and be there in about 90 minutes. When you’re reserving, just make sure it has enough gas in the tank to get you there and back. And don’t worry about tolls. All cars are equipped with E-ZPass and tolls are free for a limited time.

A world-renowned sculpture park, it’s a lovely place to spend the day. Bring a picnic or get lunch from their café. They also offer box lunches. Once there, you can hop a tram to get around, rent some bikes, or—for the really devoted—stroll the grounds on foot. In addition to their permanent collection, they have some special exhibitions up during the summer, including Heather Hart’s Outlook:

Outlooks: Heather Hart at the Storm King Art Center

After you’re done there, maybe pop over the Hudson to Cold Spring and hit up Moo Moo’s Creamery for a frozen treat before heading back home.

How to Day-Trip in Town
You don’t have to travel 150 miles round trip to beat the heat. All you need to do is get out on the water (it’s easy to forget sometimes, but we do live on an island). A good spot to do that is Red Hook, which can be a pain to get to without a car—and that streetcar plan is still a ways off. Good thing you have a free ReachNow membership. Choose ‘Park and Come Back’ and pay a reduced rate of just .30/minute. Leaving you to take advantage of free kayaking with the Red Hook Boaters and have no fear that a car won’t be waiting for you when you return. They’re a volunteer organization whose mission is to get people out on New York Harbor. Rides are only about 20 minutes but there’s a ton more to do in the area. Grab a tart frozen treat at Steve’s Key Lime. Check out the Waterfront Museum and Showboat Barge. Maybe get some shopping done at IKEA. Or just take a long stroll enjoying the breeze off the water.

Red Hook, Brooklyn

How to Not Get Locked Out
Whichever option you choose, make sure you bring along your ReachNow Member Key card. It’s not required to operate your rental, but if you’re in an area with spotty service, you’ll need the card to get into your locked car. After registering through the app, just enter your mailing address to receive your card.

via ReachNow

Check out this prior post for more details on the service. And don’t wait. Download the app for Android or iOS, register (it’s free!), and become a summer day-tripper!

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