Dairy Cow Dream Opens at Culture

Dairy Cow Dream Opens at Culture

Illustrator Steven Weinberg‘s all-yogurt art show, “Dairy Cow Dream,” opens tomorrow at Culture, featuring his “quirky collection of soft serve-centric cartoons.” Brooklyn Based chatted with the artist to get the scoop (twist?) on the origins of the project:

I’ve been doing a weekly cartoon for Fucked in Park Slope for about three months now.  We’ve been getting interest from readers who wanted us to do more current things, and the latest controversy in Prospect Park is parents who don’t want the ice cream guys in the parks.  They want only organic, no corn syrup.  I didn’t want to be snarky or anything like that, so I got the idea to do something more light-hearted with just a full on cow, where you pay $5 a minute for milk.  I guess that spoke to the people at Culture.  I’ve never met them, but I really like their yogurt.

Quirky, sure, but in some ways art + yogurt strikes us as a long-overdue power-combo — are there any two things Park Slope loves more? (Maybe babies. Consider the exhibition BYOBaby.)

Tomorrow’s opening is from 5-7 at Culture (331 5th Ave). There’ll be 15 pieces on display, ($75 each, if you’re in the market), and the exhibit is scheduled to run into the fall.