Dahill Pharmacy to Open on Corner of Dahill and Church

Dahill Pharmacy to Open on Corner of Dahill and Church
Dahill Pharmacy Sign

For those of us who make a regular peregrination past the corner of Dahill Road and Church Avenue, the northwest corner has been a place to look forward to another owner serving up Halal-grade pizza by the slice. No longer.

The Kensington, Brooklyn Facebook group picked up on the late night activity inside the storefront, and asked:

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Shamiul Mowla, a robust young entrepreneur and a Kensington resident since 1988 (a PS 230 graduate) stepped out to confirm that his co-ownership of the fledgling business would become, in short order, the Dahill Pharmacy.

“I wanted to call it ‘Kensington Pharmacy,'” he told us, “but MF Discount [309 Church Ave] already had it.”

Noting that this would be his second location, the experience he and his partners — notably, his father — plan to bring to the neighborhood a pharmacy tooled and fashioned not only for a gentrifying Kensington, but also a pharmacy that can accomodate the range of diversity in the neighborhood with a personal touch.

“I really am focused on other competitors,” he said, claiming that Walgreens and other local pharmacies either have an insufficient supply of affordable medicine options or are marking up their generic stock above a price that he intends to beat.

“Right now I’m setting up a customer loyalty program with club cards,” said Shamiul. He hopes the program will allow him to identify discounts for his customers.

Shamiul’s experience with the storefront near 36th Ave and 31st St in Queens, promises to have most major insurances accepted when they open their doors for business. As it stands, they are still waiting on the permit for their signage that is currently installed but under wraps. Their grand opening, “will take some time,” said Shamiul citing the process of licensing from the pharmacy board.

Shamiul was also gracious enough to give a tour of his store. He radiated pride as he explained that the extra counter near the storefront window was meant to let the pharmacist towards the back have the space to give customers more individualized attention.