Local Official Says Palestine Doesn’t Exist, Refers To People As “So-Called Palestinians”

Kalman Yeger, at a CB14 meeting in 2015. (Photo via BKLYNER)

BORO PARK – Councilman Kalman Yeger, representing District 44, yesterday referred to the Palestinian people as “so-called ‘Palestinians,'” responding to a tweet about Ahmad Tibi wanting to become the prime mister of an Israel-Palestinian state. He has also claimed that “there’s no such thing as Palestine.”

This is not the first time Yeger has discredited Palestine or Palestinians on Twitter. On April 26, 2016, when Yeger was not yet a councilman but a member of Community Board 14, he tweeted in a Twitter thread of Bernie Sanders who said he’d get the Democratic nomination, putting Palestine in quotes.

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That was not the only time he tweeted at Sanders.

Nor was it the only time he tweeted “there’s no such thing as Palestine.”

Yeger had won the Democratic nomination for then-Councilmember David Greenfield’s open position last summer. Greenfield endorsed him and declined to comment on Yeger’s tweets.

Yeger’s office told BKLYNER: “The tweet stands for itself.”

While the USA does not officially recognize Palestine, U.N. General Assembly voted in 2012 to recognize Palestinian state, and much of the rest of the world (137 countries) does.

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  1. Correction – Yeger didn’t have to “win” anything. Greenfield retired after the petitioning period, which let him anoint Yeger (because he controlled the council on vacancies) as the Democratic nominee.

  2. Double correction: Yeger had a contested general election against two candidates, one of whom spent $600,000. Facts matter. This was a real election. And Yeger had two lines, not just the Democratic line controlled by the Vacancies committee.

  3. David, you’re half right but Yoni Hikind put up quite a fight in a few EDs in the general.

  4. so what ? Some people believe the Jewish people belong there some people think the others do . This is a battle that has been going on so long and there are two sides . This guy believes the Jewish version . And I guess this site believes the Palatines

  5. Sorry, I can see how my comment could be misconstrued.

    The article says that Yeger “won the Democratic nomination.” That is incorrect as there was nothing to win – Greenfield picked him.

    As others pointed out, he *did* have to win a general election to get his seat, though it wasn’t a very difficult competition.


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