Cop’s Profane Rant in Nearby Chinese Restaurant Caught on Camera

An NYPD sergeant was caught on video berating a group of men in a Chinese restaurant in Kensington. The Post published a portion of the video of Sgt. Lesly Charles, who, among many profanities, seems to tell the men he’ll let their criminal behavior slide as long as he gets respect.

“All these cars, you guys are hustling here or whatever, I ain’t got no problem with that,” he says. “But when I come around and I speak, you f—ing listen.”

The paper says the incident happened on Ditmas Ave, and you can see by the video that it’s at No. 1 Chinese Food, near the corner of East 5th, and just up the block from the Kensington Library.

The city’s Civilian Complaint Review Board is investigating the incident.