Cops Investigate Death Of 1-Year-Old Gravesend Girl

police line do not cross
Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Police are investigating the death of a 1-year-old girl in Gravesend last night, according to reports.

A 911 call brought cops to a residence on Avenue X between East 1st and East 2nd Streets, on Wednesday, May 24 just before 7pm.

There, police found the girl unconscious and unresponsive with no visible signs of trauma to her body. EMS rushed the girl to Coney Island Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Medical examiners will determine the cause of death, and the investigation is ongoing but there have been no arrests as of Thursday morning, police said.

There were family members in the house at the time, said police sources, but the incident has not been deemed suspicious.

The identity of the girl is pending.

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