Congressman Michael Grimm Co-Sponsors The Global Conservation Act

The Alliance for Global Conservation (AGC) were pleased with the introduction of the Global Conservation Act (GCA) in both the Senate and U.S. House of Representatives.

The nonpartisan bill provides the first-ever comprehensive international conservation strategy for the U.S. government and will enhance America’s ability to address natural conservation as an international issue.

President and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society Steve Sanderson said, according to a media release, “It is invaluable that the U.S. lead the way toward more effective measures to protect our Earth. The Global Conservation Act provides a much-needed roadmap toward that end. We look forward to being a part of a new era in conserving our biodiversity in the United States and around the world.”

Every year, U.S. businesses lose $1 billion due to illegal logging in developing countries, and the global economy as a whole loses $23 billion due to forbidden fishing activities. Experts cite national resource scarcities as a key factor in many cross-border conflicts that require international resources to stabilize. The GCA aims to preserve world’s remaining ecosystems and help global leaders implement comprehensive conservation strategy.

The GCA includes a broad coalition of advocacy groups including the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, North American Bear Foundation, Safari Club International, The Nature Conservancy, Tread Lightly!, Wild Sheep Foundation, Wildlife Conservation Society, Wildlife Forever, and World Wildlife Fund.