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Confirmed: Marshalls Coming To Sheepshead Bay

sheepshead bay marshalls
1611 Avenue Y - The future site of Marshalls' Sheepshead Bay branch.

The rumor mill has been churning for months, but Sheepshead Bites has finally confirmed that Marshalls department store will open near the heart of Sheepshead Bay – but additional traffic could upset neighbors.

The 27,292 square foot, one-story department store will be constructed at 1611 Avenue Y, between East 16th Street and East 17th Street. A source close to the deal told Sheepshead Bites that construction will begin over the summer, but the opening date probably would not be until 2012 or 2013. The source added that the property will likely include a rooftop parking lot.

Four local businesses, three of which have been open for decades, are shuttering to accommodate the development: Golden Touch Car Wash, Gulf gas station, KR & S Auto Service and the fruit and vegetable market on East 16th Street.

While the market closed earlier this month, representatives of the other three businesses confirmed that they will cease operations at the end of April or beginning of May.

The business owners didn’t appear to mind much, seeming rather sanguine about it when we interviewed them.

“Life goes on, brother,” said William Mejin, who has managed Golden Touch for 17 years. He said the business had been there since the 1950s, with the current owner taking over some time around 1994. Mejin said the property owner bought them out of their lease, and they’re currently seeking a new location. “Right now, we don’t know what’s going to happen to us, it could be bad. But maybe it’ll mean better things for the community.”

He added that most customers he told about a potential Marshalls opening were “excited, they say, ‘It’s about time!'”

The owner of KR & S Auto Service was similarly unfazed about the move, saying he’d find another location.

But some community leaders foresee mounting traffic problems if Marshalls goes forward, due to the other large retailers around the intersection. Currently, Doody’s Hardware Store, Petco and Stop & Shop crowd around East 17th Street and Avenue Y, with an elementary school a block away on East 18th Street. The arrival of a popular retailer like Marshalls could cause a boondoggle for nearby residents.

“I’d think anything that goes there would be a traffic nightmare,” said Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo. “Traffic, traffic, traffic. Go to Petco on a Saturday afternoon – it’s backed up to kingdom come. Imagine something like that where every woman will be flocking over here.”

Residents just up the block, on East 17th Street, don’t seem as concerned.

“If they don’t block my driveway and don’t do anything at night, I don’t care,” said one neighbor.

Another resident acknowledged that additional trucks and cars could be a problem, but she didn’t think it would be much worse than the existing businesses there. She said that cars frequently line up around the car wash and mechanic, and that the gas station and food market were poor tenants. Garbage, odors, filth and more have been a constant problem over the years.

“Petco made the corner better,” she said. “Maybe if they do something like that, with a parking lot, it would make it better. They’ve got to have a parking lot; they can’t hog up our space.”

The property owner declined to be quoted for this article.

Local broker assisted in researching this piece.

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  1. great… besides the severe amount of traffic when kids get let out of p.s. 254 and the crazy after work rush to stop and shop now this???!!!! fun times…NOT!

  2. Lovely. Another piece of suburban glut. And gas stations are becoming rare around these parts.

    I hear that Doody’s did not sell their parking lot north of these properties. Rumors had that being part of this project as well.

  3. Now, I’ve got to find a new gas station as well as a new car mechanic if he doesn’t stay in the area.

  4. WHO “CONFIRMED “THIS ???? Its a bad spot that’s too small for them project. Golden gate property makes more sense

  5. I personally don’t like that department store. The one on 86th street is a disaster everything is thrown all over the place. They should have just put someting else there. Everything is fading out in the bay no stores like it used to be. The parking will be a disaster waithing to happen. The blocks will be nothing but traffic and you know about the roller coaster down the next block no good at all.

  6. Every Marshall’s I have ever been in is a dump – I think it’s owned by the same company which owns the other dump – TJ Maxx

  7. This will definitely add to the unique character of Sheepshead Bay. Just like it added it to Gateway Mall, Atlantic Center and 86th St.

  8. I kind of agree. We need something other than what we have. Although I do not care for Marshalls that much, (Georgia is right they throw things all over the place) If I had to pick a Home Goods would be great.

  9. Wow, as a kid, I worked at that gas station when it was called Beacon.
    Mac, Leon and Harvey ran it.
    When I started, gas was…dare I say…25 cents a gal.
    People would actually come in for a gal or two.
    Different times.
    But you all know that.

  10. […] T.J. Maxx (1630 East 15th Street) has not been able to overtake small businesses, local owners told Sheepshead Bites. Though some mom-and-pops say they’ve lost customers, they remain confident that their contemporary products, better service and neighborhood roots will keep them around for years to come. Their successes may provide important lessons for retailers around Sheepshead Bay Road, who will soon fend off competition from a Marshall’s, currently under construction at 1611 Avenue Y. […]


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