Coney Island Coaster Coup D’etat

Thieves. Bloody, greedy thieves.

From the New York Post:

For the first time in 35 years, the world-famous Cyclone rollercoaster is up for grabs.
And the Bloomberg administration is taking the opportunity to bring big improvements to the 83-year-old landmark on the Coney Island boardwalk, including longer hours, better lighting and other upgrades along its surrounding plaza.
The city today announced it’s planning to solicit proposals from amusement operators to potentially replace Carol Hill Albert, whose family has run the ride under a city lease since 1975.
Albert, who also operated fabled Astroland Park before closing its doors in 2008, said she still wants to remain operator of the Cyclone. But Albert said she agreed to let the city put the lease up for grabs on the open market because it is to only way to make necessary upgrades to keep her business afloat.
Albert, who said she plans to bid on the new lease, told the Post she “is losing” money under conditions of the existing lease that runs another five years.
This, she said, is despite the rollercoaster’s ridership dramatically increasing this summer after the new Luna Park opened next door on the old Astroland tract.
“For years, Astroland helped subsidize running the Cyclone, and without the park it became evident that we need to make changes like adding a food-and-drink stand to keep it afloat,” she said. “I was told by the Parks Department that the only way that could happen is through a new lease” that would be open to anyone to bid on.
And now she’s rolling the dice.
Zamperla USA, which operates Luna Park, could potentially offer Albert stiff competition.
Both Zamperla and the city declined to discuss such a possibility.