Neighbor In Need: Help Track Down Hit-And-Run Driver

86th Street and Bay 36th Street (Source: Google Maps)
86th Street and Bay 31st Street (Source: Google Maps)

We received the following message from Mary Chan regarding a hit and run case in Bensonhurst this past Friday:

A 62 year old Chinese man was hit with a black car on Friday 07/19/13 around 3pm on 86th street & bay 31st street. This was a hit & run and the victim’s barely hanging on to his life in critical condition and in coma.
We need everyone’s help around Bensonhurst, Brooklyn area to speak up if they know any information. The police isn’t doing much to help cause hit & run cases don’t have much evidence.
If anyone has any info please call 917-257-4656 or 917-330-0166. Or contact 62th precinct (718)236-2611. Thank you so much!

Best of luck to the victim of the hit and run. Here’s hoping that the irresponsible party can be tracked down soon.