City Sees No Problem With Dead Tree on Argyle

City Sees No Problem With Dead Tree on Argyle

Turns out one of the troubling trees we noted yesterday in a roundup of potentially dangerous trees that need attention from the city doesn’t need attention, according to the city. Neighbor Robert Pandolfo reported the dead tree on Argyle between Albemarle and Beverley to 311, and got this frustrating response, that I know a lot of you are familiar with:

The Department of Parks and Recreation inspected but the condition was not found.

Worse yet, this is the second time he’s reported it.

You can see the tree in the side-by-side above, seen in Google street view which was shot a couple years ago on the left, and our more recent shot on the right. Clearly that reported condition of “dead/dying tree” can be found if you visit the site.

What’s the value of 311 if this is the kind of thing that happens repeatedly?


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