City Releases Vaccine Data By Zip, Shows Least Hit Neighborhoods Getting Vaccinated Faster

City Releases Vaccine Data By Zip, Shows Least Hit Neighborhoods Getting Vaccinated Faster

This morning NYC DOH released current vaccination data by zip code, and – no surprise – the neighborhoods that were least hit by the pandemic are getting vaccinated faster or at the same rate as those that were hit hardest.

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As you look at the map for Brooklyn, you see about the same rates of vaccination in Park Slope and downtown Brooklyn as in Boro Park, Midwood, Coney Island, or Sheepshead Bay. Sheepshead Bay at 13.8% infection rate – highest in the city for the past week – lingers.

“You have heard us say many times that data is the lifeblood of the Health Department’s COVID-19 emergency response,” said First Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Health, Torian Easterling this morning.

“Now, we have new data to present on vaccinations by ZIP code. The figures published today show the scale of the challenge in front of us. Just as we’ve seen, there’s much smaller proportion of vaccines going to Black and Brown New Yorkers. We see these geographic disparities bearing out as well.”

“Staten Island and Manhattan had the highest vaccination rates,” he added, “while the South Bronx, parts of Central Queens and Central Brooklyn lag behind. The ZIP code data provides not only a map of where New Yorkers are being vaccinated but also a roadmap to our COVID response.”

Mayor announced the opening of a new vaccination center in Brooklyn, at Teachers Prep High School, tomorrow, Wednesday, February 17, focused on the immediate surrounding communities, Brownsville and East New York, as well as home health aides.


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