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City Pols Fight To Save The Kensington Stables

Boro President Eric Adams with reporter Emily Smith at the Kensington Stables. (Photo via BPEricAdams/twitter)

City officials are leading the charge to save the historic Kensington Stables from condo developers bidding since the building went up for sale in February.

The stable was pulled from a bankruptcy auction in February after City Council Member Brad Lander publicly pleaded with potential bidders to preserve the “longtime community institution” and vowed to oppose any rezoning that did not preserve a stable there.

Since then, Lander has reallocated more than $1 million to help the city buying the stables, and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams has also funneled more than $500,000 to chip in toward the $2 million price tag, Patch first reported.

But the city will have to outbid private buyers, as there are still interested buyers waiting in the wings, according to the local news outlet. But if the building ends up in private hands, public officials — including Lander and Adams — vow to fight the development rezoning efforts every step of the way.

Billed as a “redevelopment opportunity” in its initial add, the stable’s Windsor Terrace warehouse building on Caton Place has sustained a partially collapsed roof, leaks, and a lean, according to Department of Buildings records.

The Kensington Stables, built in 1930, is one of the few remaining stables in New York City, and the only one serving Prospect Park. This decades-old stable is now nestled between warehouses and new condos developments.

While Adams gave an interview with CBS reporter Emily Smith outside the stables yesterday, a condo building loomed across the street.

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  1. Here’s hoping that place shuts down and those miserable horses find their way to a sanctuary somewhere where they can live out a few of their natural instincts. It’s so sad seeing them trapped in the city.

  2. Michael, you make it seem like the horses are kept inside all day which tells me that you obviously don’t know anything about this establishment. The horses go out to Propect Park daily, they are not abused, they are not trapped. I love the fact that my city kid gets the opportunity to learn how to ride, care for and connect with animals that they don’t have to be sent away to have this experience.


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