Chicken, Goat, Veggie & More! An Exploration Of Roti In Our Area

Chicken, Goat, Veggie & More! An Exploration Of Roti In Our Area
Ali's Roti Shop

As the Kings Theatre prepares for tonight’s inaugural concert (Diana Ross!) in the stunning space that just underwent a nearly $95 million renovation, we’re hoping the influx of people coming to the area will explore the neighborhood beyond the theatre’s walls – say, for some of the best darn roti the city has to offer.

The following are some of our favorite roti spots, and let us know if there’s a restaurant we’ve left off that’s claimed your heart! Comment below or email us at

Roti and doubles at Shayna's
Roti and doubles at Shayna’s

Ali’s Roti Shop
589 Flatbush Avenue between Midwood Street and Rutland Road
We’ve had people tell us that the service here has turned them off here, but we have yet to see said surliness. Plus, even if there’s no smiling employee, the veggie (and other) roti will, hands down, make up for it. And, if you’re still hungry, you’ve gotta try the soy chunks and aloo pie (basically the Trinidadian knish).

De Hot Pot
1127 Washington Avenue between Lincoln Road and Lefferts Avenue
While we love all these places, there is a special spot in our heart for De Hot Pot. Curry chicken roti, veggie roti, goat roti – it’s all amazing. In addition to your roti, we’d definitely recommend the doubles – a sandwich made with flat fried bread and channa (curried chick peas). And make sure to say you want the “everything sauce” with it! Plus, if you’re a newbie to West Indian food, this is a great place to learn the ropes – the staff is incredibly nice and will always explain anything on the menu.

Grace Before Meals Roti Shop
3113 Church Avenue between Nostrand and New York Avenues
If you’re a meat eater, definitely go for the goat roti. At $8, it’s a little more expensive than its chicken counterpart, but it’s basically a religious experience (though you can’t go wrong with the chicken either). Plus, one roti was basically two meals for us. And we were stuffed after each round.

Nio’s Trinidad Roti Shop
2702 Church Avenue, by Rogers Avenue
This place may not be much to look at, but the roti are a whole other story! Save some room for desert, because they also have a ton of scrumptious baked goods.

907 Church Avenue, at the corner of E. 10th Street
Granted, this is a bit of a hike from the Kings Theatre, but as many of you probably know, it is so, so worth the trek. First off, if you haven’t spent a couple minutes talking to Shayna’s owner Joyce – do so. She has been in the neighborhood for so long and is a a fountain of knowledge about the area – not to mention West Indian food. And, as for the food? Roti, roti, and more roti. Try it all! Chicken, goat, whatever you want. We’ve never had a roti that isn’t amazing here.