Cherry Hill Gets a Nod From Taxi Drivers

Photo by Ray Johnson

Meet Layne Mosler, a “food pilgrim” and blogger over at Taxi Gourmet. Mosler is on a never-ending journey to seek out the city’s top cuisine, as dictated by those who know New York the best: taxi drivers.

In an article for the food culture newsletter Tasting Table, Mosler rounded up what she and taxi drivers consider the yummiest bowls of soup. On the list? Sheepshead Bay’s Cherry Hill Restaurant and Gourmet Market at the old Lundy’s building (1901 Emmons Avenue).

She writes:

The borscht and the fish soup–with big chunks of salmon, leeks, carrots and scallions–are worth a sit-down at this Russian super-deli in Brighton Beach. If you want to skip the upstairs café, takeout highlights include potato-battered chicken stuffed with mushrooms, stewed cabbage and ‘Caucasian’ salad with roasted eggplant, tomato and cilantro.

That’s right, Sheepshead Bay is apparently now an extension of Brighton Beach. We’ll give her a pass… this time.