Checking My Moves In The Cherry Hill Window

cherry hill sidewalk cafe speakers ocean ave side may 2009

The Cherry Hill Gourmet Market and Restaurant has installed speakers outside of the Lundy’s landmark building’s facade.

cherry hill speaker one single awning emmons ave side

On the Ocean Avenue side, there are speakers set underneath the windows to serenade those seated at the cafe tables. On the Emmons Avenue side, there is a small speaker set up between the windows, with holes already drilled for what might be a complete surround sound system. There, also, appear to be spots painted over as if it was a drill misplacement that had to be covered over.

Passersby noted that the music blaring loudly made them feel like they were in a European techno dance club. Which might not necessarily be such a bad thing, except that the already busy Ocean and Emmons intersection will be at a standstill with rubberneckers checking the moves.

A few of the comments that could be heard were: “Not a nice effect”, “Feels like Eurotrash,” and “Let’s go eat somewhere quiet, can’t relax over there.”

Since I’m a neutral party on this whole thing, I had to show them all my poker face. While most every bone in my body was goin’ Lady GaGa with the beat of the club mix version blaring out the speakers, “She’s got to love nobody“.

cherry hill open 24 hrs may 2009

Since the Cherry Hill Market and Restaurant is open 24 hours, bloggers will be able to go under the cover of night to get their sidewalk beat on. See ya there!