Celebrate Saint David’s Day At The Longbow Pub This Thursday

Image courtesy of Brian Hedden/ Bay Ridge Odyssey.

Everyone out there has probably heard of the Irish feast associated with Saint Patrick’s Day. Many of you also know of Saint Pat’s Italian counterpart, Saint Joseph.

But have you ever heard of the celebration of Saint David?

Well my friends, Saint David’s Day is sort of the Welsh equivalent of Saint Patrick’s Day, and it’s this Thursday. Much like on March 17, you don’t have to be Welsh, Catholic or even Christian to join in the festivities.

And what better place to celebrate than at Bay Ridge’s Longbow Pub & Pantry- New York City’s only Welsh pub???

Yesterday, Bay Ridge Odyssey ran great piece on this event, giving readers the rundown on both the Longbow’s origins, as well as details on Thursday’s music, food and drink specials.

Longbow Pub is located at 7316 3rd Avenue, between 73rd Street and 74th Street in Bay Ridge. Longbow will be open on Thursday from 12 noon to 4 a.m., with food available from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. For more details, please visit LongbowNYC.com or BayRidgeOdyssey.com.