Car + Truck = Clusterfu…

Police closed off East 16th Street around Avenue V for some time after after 11:00 a.m., when a turning truck got into an uncomfortable position with an Acura.

We don’t want to speculate too much about what happened here, but it looks like the 18-wheeler truck went to make the left onto Avenue V when it’s rear passenger-side corner found itself jammed into the Acura’s rear driver-side door. The truck driver stopped – and so did the car – and it became clear that any additional movement by either one of them would’ve meant significant damage to the car.

It’s unclear if the Acura was impatiently making an attempt at passing the truck on the narrow street, but it serves as a reminder to the rest of us: don’t tempt fate when fate is several tons bigger than you.

Thanks to nolastname for the photos and tip.