Car Accident on Avenue H at Westminster

Car Accident on Avenue H at Westminster

Two cars collided at the intersection of Avenue H and Westminster Road just before 3pm today, at a site where residents were recently denied traffic safety improvements by the Department of Transportation.

A witness at the scene said the SUV was travelling west on Avenue H, toward Coney Island Avenue, when the smaller car, travelling south, came out from the stop sign at Westminster Road. The collision was enough to knock over a fire call box on the opposite corner, and three parked cars also suffered damage. Police say the drivers’ injuries were not severe.

According to Twitter scanners and witnesses, Chief Joseph Esposito, who lives near the scene of the accident, was the driver of the SUV was not in the SUV, but it was his car.

Neighbors in the area had recently discussed several traffic calming options with the Department of Transportation, including an all-way stop sign at this intersection. The DOT deemed the suggestion unwarranted. In fact, in a list of recommendations from the neighborhood, the DOT only agreed to one–instituting “daylighting” at DeKoven and Rugby–and when they did it, they did it the wrong way.


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